Spelling Words #2

15 terms by McGirl

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Hey peeps, our second spelling test at school, mah second spelling words set with definitions to study! Yeah, bring on the spelling! If you're not from Jim Bridger, you can still study if you're interested in studying spelling words! -McGirl


A strong desire especially for something unattainable.


To subject to fire by intense heat; to render luminous by heat.


Loud noise.


A person destitute of means except such as are derived from charity; a very poor person.


Inflicting, involving, or aiming at punishment.


To have been made extremely angry.


Cares taken beforehand in order to prevent misfortune or harm.


Mistakes in something.


Something that impedes, an impairment that interferes with the proper articulation of speech.


A deposit on the earth of water substances.


To have been reproached or challenged in a mocking or insulting manner.


A sickness.


A noisy shouting or loud continuous noise.


A conclusion derived through logic.


Not partial or biased; treating or affecting all equally.

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