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The Amazon
It starts at Peru and flows through Brazil to the Atlantic ocean. Second largest river in the world. Has over 1000 tributaries. Large boats can get all the way up the river.
Brazilian Highlands
Has ancient hills, flats and mountains. They rise steeply from the coast.
Lots of Sandy beach.
Other Rivers
The parana and Sao Francisco.
see book
The tropical rainforest
Covers 40 percent of Brazil. the largest in the world. Teems with plants, animals etc.
The Caatinga
desert like. has shrubs and cactus. few trees. has scorpians, snakes and colourful birds.
The Mata Atlantica
Used to be covered in thick forest. most has been cut down.
The pampas
Grassy plains. Are heavily farmed with lots of cattle ranches.
The Cerrado
Savanna. gets so dry in the dry season lightning sets it on fire. not very many trees. has deer and wolves. lots of termites.
the pantanal
Largest swampland in the world. full of water life like giant anaconda.
Brazil's people
The first settlers where from Portugal. they thought they where in india. they got alot of slaves of from africa to do there work. is know a highly multicultural country.
Lots of crime. nobody has any money. the houses are made from scraps.lots of litter. lots of illness. open drains everywhere.only one water tap.