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election of 1852

want to minimize differences and not separate north and south

franklin pierce

pro-south yankee
new hampshire
doesnt want to address issues
unite southern rights men in the free soil party

winfield scott

endorsed compromise of 1850
abolitinist idea
last gasp of whig party

pierce presidency issues

add additional territory that would be slave
gadsden puchase

gadsden purchase

10 million dollars for small strip of land along southern border of new mexico, helps provide land for construction of railroad across souther us (el paso to los angeles)

kansas-nebraska act

douglass makes bill in opposition to jefferson davis who wants railroad in south, he wants it from chicago to california to facilitate western states
forget MO compromise, settlers decide by pop sov

nebraska expected under pop sov

nebraska will be free state because its next to illinois

kansas expected under pop sov

will be slave because its next to missouri

douglass thoughts on kansas

thinks will be voted free because its populated by nothern farmers and free soil immigrants
didnt have soil for cotton so slavery wouldnt work
trick: give south pop sov and they vote to be free

effects of K-N act

whig and democratic parties fracture
new political party: republican

new republican party

primarily northern
abolitionist and free soilers

republican party

from old liberty party, northern whigs, free soilers, anti-slavery northern democrats

radical republicans

abolitionists, no compromise with slavery, advocate nullification of fugitive slave law

former whigs (reps)

moderate of republicans
maintain nation above all else

old democrats now reps

willing to use force to preserve the nation, 25% of party
issues are put aside for unity over slavery issues

bleeding kansas

violence in kansas, that effectively starts civil war
jayhawkers vs. border ruffians


northerners that came to vote
sent boxes wtih "bible on it but it was rifles "Beecher's Bibles"

border ruffians

from missouri

result of bleeding kansas

pro slavery legislature was elected and expelled the lawful ones
adopt drastic slave code
capitol offense to aid slaves
felony to question the legality of slavery in the territory

free stater govt in bleeding kansas

constitution as a free state, want to become a state

lawrence, KS

mob sets fire to free-state leader home, 1 casualty,
fanatical free soiler rise, john brown

john brown

after lawrence, leads sons and men to pro-slavery settlement to kill
his son is killed, swore he would die fighting for the cause

bloody civil war in kansas

2 million killed, john brown plans his revenge
free state forces win in 1858

charles sumner

speech about crime against kansas, denounces slavery and pro-slavery missourians who went to KS.
Attacks senator Butler of SC who supports calhoun

preston brooks

nephew of a.p. butler
rep in congress
attacks sumner by beating him, seen as hero in south, resigns

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