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  1. space shuttle
  2. Yuri Gagarin
  3. Exploration Rovers
  4. Lunar Prospector
  5. thrust
  1. a the reaction force that propels a rocket forward
  2. b found evidence of water ice and identified other minerals on the moon's surface
  3. c a spacecraft that can carry a crew into space,return to Earth,and then be reused for the same purpose
  4. d Russian who flew one orbit around Earth aboard Vostok I
  5. e explored Mar's surface and found evident of ancient water

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  1. an object that revolves around another object in space
  2. do not burn chemical fuels. They expel ions out of their engines at high speeds. They create less thrust but are very fuel efficient
  3. minerals that make up moon rocks are the same minerals that are found on Earth. In some moon rocks these minerals combine to form kinds of rocks that are not found on earth
  4. the collection of information about Earth and other objects in space using satellites or probes
  5. speed in a given direction

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  1. Britainwhere rocket technology began in the 1100s


  2. Galileoprovided detailed images and data about Jupiter and its moons


  3. Sea of Tranquilityflat area on the moon's surface


  4. space probea spacecraft that has various scientific instruments that can collect data,including visual images,but has no human crew


  5. 3 types of fuel used to power rocketssolid fuel, liquid fuel, and electrically charged particles of gas