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What formula would a sociologist use to determine one's wealth?
What did sociologists Daniel Hellinger and Dennis Judd call the false impression American voters have that they influence national and foreign policy because they vote?
democratic facade
What qualities do most U.S. presidents share?
How do winners of large lottery jackpots avoid the pitfall of status inconsistency that can lead to anomie?
they dont make sudden changes in their lifestyle or behavior
How did Karl Marx define social class?
there are just capitalists and workers, "the means of production"
What members of the underclass are described in the text as the "fallout" of the postindustrial economy
The homeless
Which of the following religions draws its membership heavily from the working poor and underclass
During the Great Depression thousands of people found themselves in a lower social class. What type of social mobility did this event illustrate?
stuctural mobility - downward
What is it called when the same numbers of people move up and down the social class ladder, such that, on balance, the social class system shows little change?
exchange mobility
) What did Higginbotham and Weber discover about women from working-class backgrounds who now occupied professional, managerial, and administrative positions?
their parents had encouraged them not to get married and get an education
John worked at a steel mill for 25 years. A recessionary economy and competition with foreign steelmakers forced the closing of the mill. At the age of 45, John is unable to find work in his town and now lives below the poverty line. How would a sociologist describe John's situation?
John is poor because of a change in the social structure
Which group of theorists believes the purpose of the welfare system is to maintain a reserve labor force?
conflict theorists
What are two major myths about race that are refuted in the text?
race superiority and a pure race
Race is to biology as ________ is to cultural heritage.
Sam, a bartender who served in the Vietnam War, refuses to serve Asians in his bar because he believes that Asians have no business living in the U.S.A. Sociologically, how would one describe Sam's actions?
What analogy mentioned in the text has been suggested by some analysts as a more appropriate way to describe the United States than the concept of the "melting pot"?
tossed salad
Chris, a mortgage loan manager, works for a bank that targets minorities for high-risk loans because the bank can charge higher interest rates. The action of the bank is best described as ________.
institutionalized discrimination
What term refers to a racial, ethnic, or religious minority that a member of the dominant group uses to blame for their failure to achieve desired goals?
What is the major difference between how sociologists and psychologists attempt to understand prejudice?
psychologist: stress authoritarian personality which leads to scapegoats
sociologist: how dif environments increase or decrease predjudice
Which sociological perspective is the concept of selective perception most affiliated
Symbolic interationists
In the 18th century, executioners wore black hoods to conceal their identities and separate their actions from a sense of being a good and moral person. What is such a tactic called?
During the "Night of Broken Glass" (November 9, 1938) Adolf Hitler ordered his brown shirts, the Hitler Youth, and Gestapo to destroy Jewish businesses and confiscate what money they had in bank accounts. What are such tactics that "encourage" a group of people, in this case the Jews, to vacate a territory called?
population transfer
What is the method of intergroup relations that allows the minority group to adopt the dominant group's patterns in their own way and at their own speed?
permissible assimilation
Which European nation provides the best example of multiculturalism?
which country do Americans of European descent most often trace their ancestry?
What was the major difference between the half-million Cubans who fled Castro's rise to power in 1959 and the 100,000 "boat people" who fled Cuba in 1980?
The 1980 group was less educated and from a lower class.