Cambridge Latin Stage 3

24 terms by songela

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Note: These only contain the 1st and 2nd PP of verbs.

ad (+ACC)


bibō, -ere

to drink

circumspectō, -āre

to look around

clāmō, -āre

to shout


see! look!

exeō, exīre

to go out

exspectō, -āre

to wait for

forum, -ī, n.

forum, business center

iānua, -ae, f.


īrātus, -a, -um


leō, leōnis, m.


magnus, -a, -um

big, large, great

nāvis, -is, f.


portō, -āre

to carry

respondeō, -ēre

to reply

rīdeō, -ēre

to laugh, smile



surgō, -ere

to rise, get up

taberna, -ae, f.

store, shop, inn

videō, -ēre

to see

vīlla, -ae, f.


vīnum, -ī, n.


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