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pyroclastic flow

a destructive cloud of volcanic material that moves quickly down the side of a volcano after an expolsive eruption

cinder cone volcano

a volcano that has low silica magma and lava with high levels of disolveed gas ; these volcanoes produce '' fire fountain eruptions"

sheild volcano

a flat and wide volcano that has low silica magma and lava with low of high levels of disolved gas

composite volcano

a tall, cone-shaped volcano formed by layers of rich silica lava and ash

volcanic island chain

a series of volcanoes formed by a hot spot as a lithospheric plate moves over the hot spot

lava lake

a pool of lava that has formed in a caldera

lava bomb

large pieces of glowing lava thrown from an explosive eruption

magma chamber

a location where magma collects inside earth

hot spot

the top of a mantle plume


mudflow that results from a volcanic eruption


underground melted rock

volcanic island arc

a series of volcanoes formed at a subduction zone

volcanic neck

solid remains of magma thast filled the conduit of an extinct volcano. the neck is exposed as the volcano erodes

active volcano

a volcano that is erupting or has shown signs that it may erupt in the near future

dormant volcano

A volcano that has not erupted for a long time, but may erupt again in future

extict volcano

a volcano that no longer erupts and is in the process of eroded


the boel shaped depression formed by the collapse of a volcano that has already erupted

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