27 terms

Excel Lesson 1 and 2

Formula Bar
Located below the ribbon on the left. It displays the contents of the active cell.
Name Box
Located below the ribbon on the left. It displays the address of the active cell.
Active Cell
The cell that is currently selected.
Separate documents within a workbook
An excel file
Sheet Tab
Located at the bottom of the Excel window and they identify individual worksheets. By default each workbook contains one worksheet tab.
Run vertically on a worksheet. Identifiable by letters. Each worksheet contains 16, 384.
Run horizontally across a worksheet. Identifiable by numbers. Each worksheet contains 1,048,576.
The intersection of a column and row.
Cell Address
A unique reference to each cell that is comprised of its column letter and row number (B2)
Edit Mode
Places the insertion point at the end of the incorrect label.
Orientation Button
Allows the rotation of the worksheet to Portrait or Landscape.
Feature that enters labels automatically if you have previously entered them in the same column.
Uses the fill handle to complete a series based on a pattern you establish.
Control + F2
Print Preview
Print Area
Defines the area of the worksheet for print.
Cells that contain text or non-mathmatical symbols as the first character.
Label Alignment
Left aligned
When a date or number is the first character in a cell.
Value Alignment
Control O
Keyboard shortcut that opens an existing workbook.
Control N
Keyboard shortcut that creates a new workbook
Group of cells in a row, column or block
Control 1
Keyboard shortcut that open the format cells dialog box.
Model worksheet design containing permanent worksheet settings.
A set of font, color and style formatting choices for an entire worksheet.
Cell Styles
Defines a set of formats