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French Revolution Test wksht

i'm hungry
step down from power
restoring hereditary monarchies
Deficit spending
gov't spends more money then it takes in
person who flees a country for political reasons
right to vote
ballot where you say yes or no
small groups
strong feeling and pride for one's country
working class people in urban areas who wanted a republic
middle class
Jacobin revolutionary who led the Committee of Public Safety
Maximilien Robespierre
He was executed in Jan 1973
Louis XVI
Louis XVI's financial wizard
Jacques Necker
Austrian prince who wanted to restore the status quo of 1792 at the Congress of Vienna
A revolutionary political club made up of middle class lawyers and intellectuals
He took power from the Directory
What was the Continental System
closed European ports to British Goods
What was the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
put French Catholic Church under state control
What was the Concordat of 1801
Napoleon made peace with the Catholic Church
What did the National Assembly vow in the Tennis Court Oath
to keep meeting and never separate until a constitution was made
Why did Louis XVI finally agree to summon the Estates General
to raise taxes
The National Assembly produced the first constitution called
the Constitution of 1791
Group most affected by increase in the price of food
urban workers
Before meeting at Versailles, all three estates prepared ________ listing their grievances
symbol of the French Revolution
storming of Bastille
four stages of Revolution
1. moderate phase of National Assembly
2. Constitutional Monarchy
3. Reign of Terror
4. Directory
Why did French nobles resist Necker's financial reforms?
it would tax them
What did Robespierre try to accomplish during the Reign of Terror
religious toleration, abolish slavery, and create a republic using terror
what did the Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen guarantee
all men remain free and equal in rights
In 1792, the National Convention voted to abolish monarchy and declare France a...
How did the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightenment principles
equality of all citizens before law
Battle of Trafalgar
stopped Napoleon from invading Britain
Motivated Napoleon to invade Russia
Russia withdrew from the continental system
the issue that rose after the Estates met
voting issue
12 member group that had absolute power
Committee of Public Safety
The Constitution of 1795 set up a 5 man ________ and 2 house legislature
strategy Czar Alexander used to defeat the French
scorched Earth
By 1812, Napoleon had conquered most of Europe except...
Great Britain
Napoleon's last battle
Battle at Waterloo