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Information about investigation process

The crime scene is divided into three parts:

Inner Perimeter, Outer Perimeter, Extended Perimeter

Inner Perimeter

Boundaries where the crime was committed

Outer Perimeter

The entrance/ exits to the inner perimeter

Extended Perimeter

Anywhere else where evidence of the crime can be found.

Who is the first person to arrive at the crime scene?

first responding patrol officer

What are the duties of the FRPO

1. Arrest any suspects in the area
2. Attend to any victims on the scene.
3. Call for back up
4. Secure the crime scene
(Note who is entering an exiting the crime scene)

Only authorized personnel are allowed into the barriers of the crime scene. What personal are permitted?

Detectives, medical examiners, evidence technicians....

What do medical examiners attempt to determine?

Manner of Death, Cause of Death, Time of Death

How do you determine the time of death?

Rigermortous, Albermortous, and Livermortous


The stiffness of the body


body temperature


The settling of the blood that causes skin discoloration

What are the duties of a lead detective?

1. Evaluate the crime scene boundaries
2. Make sure all witnesses are identified, separated, and their statements have been taken.
3. Canvas

What are the types of evidence one can find?

Biological evidence, trace evidence, and latent print

Trace Evidence

Can lead one to information--hair, textile fibers, paint chips, glass fragments, gun-shot residue, soil, vegetation.

Latent Print

Thumb prints, hand prints, etc.

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