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  1. enfermarse
  2. agrupar
  3. absolver
  4. asegurar
  5. tocar
  1. a to play (a musical instrument), to touch
  2. b to absolve, to acquit
  3. c to get sick, to fall sick, to become sick, to fall ill, to become ill
  4. d to group
  5. e to assure, to affirm, to assert, to insure

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  1. to feel sorry, to regret, to feel
  2. to prohibit, to forbid
  3. to imprint, to impress, to print, to fix in the mind
  4. to open
  5. to introduce

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  1. pagarto pay


  2. erguirto harm, to hurt, to wound


  3. navegarto navigate, to sail


  4. lucharto fight, to strive, to struggle, to wrestle


  5. ejercerto exercise, to practice (a professional)