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  1. saludar
  2. aparecer
  3. ser
  4. traducir
  5. dudar
  1. a to doubt
  2. b to greet, to salute
  3. c to be
  4. d to translate
  5. e to appear, to show up

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  1. to pardon, to forgive, to excuse
  2. to change one's clothes, to change one's place of residence, to move
  3. to distinguish
  4. to weep, to cry, to whine
  5. to expect, to hope, to wait (for)

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  1. formarto form, to shape


  2. mantenerto contain, to hold


  3. tirarto tread (on), to step on, to trample


  4. conducirto lead, to conduct, to drive


  5. abrazarto reach, to overtake