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  1. cambiar
  2. sentirse
  3. tañer
  4. ocurrir
  5. mirarse
  1. a to change
  2. b to look at oneself, to look at each other (uno a otro, unos a otros)
  3. c to feel (well, ill)
  4. d to pluck, to play (a stringed instrument)
  5. e to occur, to happen

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  1. to lead, to conduct, to drive
  2. to write
  3. to scold, to quarrel
  4. to burn, to set on fire
  5. to add

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  1. contribuirto contribute


  2. derribarto write


  3. agravarto aggravate, to make worse


  4. yacerto know, to know how


  5. poderto polish