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  1. volar
  2. divorciarse
  3. reparar
  4. acudir
  5. prohibir
  1. a to attend, to be present frequently, to respond (to a call), to come to the rescue
  2. b to mend, to repair, to notice, to observe
  3. c to be (get) divorced
  4. d to prohibit, to forbid
  5. e to fly

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  1. to approach, to draw near
  2. to break, to shatter, to tear
  3. to refill, to fill again, to stuff
  4. to deliver, to hand over, to give
  5. to express

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  1. marcharto walk, to march, to function (machine), to run (machine)


  2. recordarto remember, to recall, to remind


  3. lanzarto walk


  4. acuchillarto divine, to foretell, to guess


  5. acusarto accuse