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  1. obtener
  2. fregar
  3. introducir
  4. pintarse
  5. derribar
  1. a to knock down, to overthrow, to tear down, to throw down
  2. b to introduce
  3. c to make up (one's face), to tint, to color (one's hair, lips, etc.)
  4. d to obtain, to get
  5. e to wash dishes, to scrub

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  1. to lower, to let down, to come down, to go down, to descend
  2. to blow, to blow out
  3. to call, to name
  4. to execute, to carry out, to perform
  5. to admire

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  1. baƱarseto take off (clothing), to remove oneself, to withdraw


  2. juntarto smoke


  3. anunciarto root up (out), to pull up (out), to tear off (away), to snatch


  4. preocuparseto be concerned, to worry, to be worried


  5. abrirto open