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  1. tañer
  2. desperezarse
  3. soler
  4. oír
  5. cenar
  1. a to stretch oneself, to stretch one's arms and legs
  2. b to have supper, to eat supper
  3. c to pluck, to play (a stringed instrument)
  4. d to hear
  5. e to be accustomed to, to be in the habit of, to have the custom of

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  1. to aggravate, to make worse
  2. to feign, to pretend
  3. to divine, to foretell, to guess
  4. to study
  5. to dare, to venture

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  1. bañarseto bathe oneself, to take a bath


  2. introducirto introduce


  3. decidirto decide


  4. lucharto fight, to strive, to struggle, to wrestle


  5. poseerto possess, to own


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