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  1. averiguar
  2. parecer
  3. aconsejar
  4. lanzar
  5. encontrar
  1. a to seem, to appear
  2. b to throw, to hurl, to fling, to launch
  3. c to advise, to counsel
  4. d to find out, to inquire, to investigate
  5. e to meet, to encounter, to find

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  1. to fall
  2. to boil, to bustle, to hustle, to stir
  3. to occur, to happen
  4. to show, to point out
  5. to send

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  1. sufrirto go up, to come up, to climb, to rise, to mount, to get on (a train, bus, etc.)


  2. entenderto fear, to dread


  3. referirto refer, to relate


  4. estudiarto study


  5. proclamarto proclaim, to promulgate