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  1. separar
  2. arrancar
  3. entregar
  4. freĆ­r
  5. detenerse
  1. a to root up (out), to pull up (out), to tear off (away), to snatch
  2. b to fry
  3. c to deliver, to hand over, to give
  4. d to stop (oneself)
  5. e to separate, to detach, to sort, to set apart

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  1. to contain, to hold
  2. to conquer, to overcome, to defeat
  3. to preach
  4. to have, to hold
  5. to become angry

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  1. adoptarto adopt


  2. esperarto detach, to unglue, to unstuck, to take off (airplane)


  3. llevarto rain


  4. manejarto manage, to handle, to drive, to operate (a vehicle)


  5. enfermarseto get sick, to fall sick, to become sick, to fall ill, to become ill