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animal like protists that are able to move from place to place to obtain food heterotorphic


temporary bulges of the cell membrane that fill with cytoplasm

contractual vacuole

a structure that collects the extra water and then expels it from the cell


hairlike projections from cells that moce with a wavelike pattern


a close relationship where at least one of the species benifits


type of symbiosis where both partners benifit by living together


a tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism


a plantlike protist and an autotroph


chemicals that produce color

algal bloom

the rapid growth of a population of algae

red tide

saltwater algal blooms


the build up overtime of nutrients in freshwater lakes and ponds that leads to an increase in the growth of algae


the branching thread like tubes that makeup the bodies of multicellular fungi

fruiting body

reproductive hyphae that grow out of a fungus


unicellular yeast cells undergo a form of asexualreproduction no spores reproduced


consists of a fungus and either algae of autotrophic bacteria that is also living together in a mutualistic relationship


substance that causes bread to rise

two reasons for red tides

high nutrients and high tempurture


cap stook hyphae gills

budding fruiting bodies

two ways fungi reprodce

provided energy to parisite



two nuclei cilia to move

fungi enviroment

warm moist

bacteria and fungi do this


four steps to fungi food

grow hyphae,ooz chemicals, breack down absorb


irregular shaped and use sutopods to move

type of earth used in toothpaste

diatomacious earth

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