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  1. 1735- John Peter Zenger Trial
  2. 1819- Dartmouth College vs. Woodward
  3. 1886- Wabash vs. Illinois
  4. 1904- Northern Securities Co. v. United States
  5. 1692- Salem Witch Trials
  1. a Dispute over charter
    South Carolina says a contract is a contract
  2. b Lack of a fair trial
  3. c Criticism of government is ok if true
  4. d Federal suit using Sherman Antitrust Act
    Court ordered it to be dissolved
  5. e Overturned Munn and stated that state governments could not regulate interstate commerce. Only congress could do so. Impact: Congress forced to create Interstate Commerce Commission

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  1. No separate minimum wage for women permitted
    Now they can have the vote, so it cannot be justified
    They can change the law through political means
  2. A series of cases which asked "Does the Constitution and all of its rights automatically cover any person in territory which the U.S. acquires?" or "Does the Constitution follow the flag?" No.
  3. Lottery tickets sold in Virginia
    South Carolina uses this case to expand rights of the supreme court to review all state supreme court decisions which impact the federal government
  4. Upheld an Oregon law that limited women to a 10-hour work day in laundries or factories in order to protect women's health
  5. Challenged the teaching of evolution in schools

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  1. 1966- Miranda v. ArizonaRuled that 4th and 14th amendments protected citizen from illegal searches


  2. 1803- Marbury v. MadisonEstablished supreme court's right of judicial review- the right to determine the constitutionality of laws


  3. 1824- Gibbons v. OgdenStates may regulate only what is solely intrastate commerce


  4. 1819- McCullough v. MarylandEstablished supreme court's right of judicial review- the right to determine the constitutionality of laws


  5. 1971- New York Times Co. v. United StatesCourt narrowly upheld 1st amendment right to Freedom of the press
    Ruled that government had not met the heavy burden or prior restraint i.e.e not made a strong enough case to stop publication of The Pentagon Papers on the grounds that national security would be hurt