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  1. 1819- McCullough v. Maryland
  2. 1954- Brown v. Board of Education
  3. 1832- Worchester v. Virginia
  4. 1886- Wabash vs. Illinois
  5. 1904- Northern Securities Co. v. United States
  1. a Overturned Munn and stated that state governments could not regulate interstate commerce. Only congress could do so. Impact: Congress forced to create Interstate Commerce Commission
  2. b In this school segregation case, court overturned Plessy v. Ferguson separate but equal doctrine
  3. c Said no state could tax a federally chartered bank because the power to tax involves the power to destroy
  4. d The Constitution gives the federal, not state governments, exclusive jurisdiction over Native American nations
  5. e Federal suit using Sherman Antitrust Act
    Court ordered it to be dissolved

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  1. Lottery tickets sold in Virginia
    South Carolina uses this case to expand rights of the supreme court to review all state supreme court decisions which impact the federal government
  2. Established supreme court's right of judicial review- the right to determine the constitutionality of laws
  3. Ruled that 4th and 14th amendments protected citizen from illegal searches
  4. Crooked George contract annulled by state legislature
    South Carolina says the constitution forbids state laws impairing contracts
  5. Ruled that a New York law limiting bakers to 10-hour days and 60-hour weeks in order to protect public health was unconstitutional because it violated the right and liberty of an individual to contract

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  1. Scopes-Monkey TrialChallenged the teaching of evolution in schools


  2. 1944- Korematsu v. United StatesUpheld the power of the president in wartime to limit a group's civil liberties


  3. 1824- Gibbons v. OgdenDeclared state laws making abortions illegal to be unconstitutional while stating certain limits and conditions


  4. 1735- John Peter Zenger TrialCriticism of government is ok if true


  5. 1974- United States v. NixonBy 8-0 vote, court ruled that Nixon had to turn over the Watergate Tapes to the Special Prosecutor
    No president was above the law