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P & P binders contain information pertaining to all of the following EXCEPT:

Employee's weekly schedule

The Joint Commission is an agency that inspects and accredits:

Hospitals and Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital orders contain which of the following information?

Laboratory orders, dietary restrictions, and medication orders

All of the following information is necessary on a physician's order EXCEPT:

Patient's next of kin

Hospital technicians must be available to:

Work various shifts, work weekends, and fill different jobs per operational needs

Technicians have all of the following responsibilities EXCEPT:

Contacting the physician for order clarification

By law, which of the followings tasks cannot be done by a technician?

Final checking and signing off orders

Which statement is false concerning the use of investigational drugs?

All investigational drugs must be disposed on-site at the hospital where the study has taken place

Technicians can answer which of the following questions over the phone?

Generic or trade name of the drug, whether or not the drug is in stock, and if the drug order has been filled and sent to the floor

The main reason for using ADS machines is to:

Allow for ease of filling, keep track of stock levels, and enforce accuracy of dosing

CPOE systems are used to:

Provide clear, concise order

Stat orders should be filled within:

5 minutes

Which of the following drugs is NOT kept on a crash cart?


Under the tech-check-tech regulations, technicians....?

Must have specialized training before checking-off technicians

Which of the skills listed is the most important aspect of preparing sterile products?

Maintaining aseptic technique

A male/female adapter is used for which of the following reasons?

To attach two intravenous bags together

The smallest filter that can be used is a:

0.22-um filter

Complying with <USP> regulations by using a microbial growth medium that is substituted for the actual drug to simulate admixture compounding is referred to as a:

Media-Fill test

Which of the following sizes of needles is NOT commonly used when preparing an IV medication?

25 gauge

Hands should always be washed or sanitized:

When entering the intravenous room, before working in the horizontal flow hood, and before working in a vertical flow hood

Laminar flow hoods should be cleaned:

With 70% isopropyl alcohol, at least 30 minutes before using, and at least once a day

Chemotherapeutic agents should be disposed of:

In a plastic chemotherapy bag

HEPA stands for _________ and traps particles larger than:

High-efficiency particulate air filter, 0.2 um

You may find all of the following medications in a hyperalimentation preparation EXCEPT:


A room adjacent to the clean room must meet standards classified as:

ISO Class 6

First air refers to:

The air from the HEPA filter that passes over the materials

BSCs should be inspected every:

6 months

SOP means:

Standard Operating Procedure

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