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In a gastrointestinal closure, the mucosa of the intestinal tract is closed with..

chromic 4-0 or 3-0

Which type of suture would be used to invert the stump of an appendix?


Why are bumpers or bolsters used on retention sutures?

to prevent the suture from cutting into the skin surface

A Nissen Fundoplication procedure is done to correct...

antireflux disease

A dissecting sponge that is a small roll of heavy cotton tape is a...


Which procedure would not require a pressure dressing?


Peanuts and dissecting sponges are generally...

moistened with saline

Intraabdominally, lap pads are most often used..

moistened with saline

A catheter commonly used in a gastrostomy is a...


Before handing a Penrose drain to the surgeon..

moisten it in saline

A close-wound suction system works by...

negative-pressure vacuum

Which condition regarding sterile technique is NOT recommended?

sterile tables may be set up and safely covered until time of surgery

Which of the following conditions is not an acceptable aseptic technique?

scrub nurse folds arms with hands at axillae

The disposable circular staple designed to hold two tubular structures together after resection is known as..


When a sterile item is hanging or extending over a sterile table edge, the scrub nurse..

does not touch the part hanging below table level

Which of the following is considered a break in technique?

a sterile person sits or leans against a nonsterile surface

In which situation should sterility be questioned?

if a sterilized pack is found in an unsterile workroom

Transduodenal sphincterotomy refers to the incision made into the _______ to relieve stenosis.

sphincter of Oddi

When handing skin towels to the surgeon, where should the scrubperson stand in relation to the surgeon?

on the same side of the table

Irrigating fluid used to flush the organ between harvest and transplantation of a liver is known as..


Each of the following actions by a scrubperson prevents wounds and punctures, according to CDC guidelines EXCEPT

recap injection needles

Which of the following is NOT an acceptable technique when draping a patient?

unfold the drapes before bringing them to the OR table

The procedure to follow if a hair is found on the operate field is to...

remove it with a clamp (hemostat), cover over area

Cancer technique in surgery refers to...

the discarding of instruments coming in contact with tumor after each use

Why are gowns, gloves, drapes, and instruments changed following a breast biopsy and before incision for a mastectomy?

to protect margins of healthy tissue from tumor cells

A postoperative complication attributed to glove powder entering a wound is...


The correct procedure for sterile dressing application is...

apply dressing before drape removal

When drop technique for an intestinal procedure is utilized..

contaminated instruments are discarded, gloves are changed

If the floor or wall becomes contaminated with organic debris during a case, the circulator...

decontaminates promptly

The Sengstaken-Blakemore tube is used for...

esophageal hemorrhage

A specially treated form of surgical gauze that has a hemostatic effect when buried in tissue is...


An enzyme extract from bovine blood used as a topical hemostatic agent is..


A common complication of extubation is...


The desirable position for better visualization in the lower abdomen or pelvis is...


Another name for the Kraske position is...


All of the following are helpful in keeping accurate account of sponges EXCEPT

keep all sponges and tapes in a basin or close together on the field

Dark blood in the operative field may indicate that the patient is...


In an extreme patient emergency, a sponge count..

may be omitted

Cultures obtained during surgery..

are passed off the sterile field into a bag or container held by the circulator

How is a frozen section sent to the lab?


Which of the following specimens is NOT placed in preservative solution?


The term transduodenal sphincterotomy indicates surgery of the..

distal end of the common bile duct

McBurney is an incision used for...


The simplest abdominal incision offering good exposure to any part of the abdominal cavity is the..

vertical midline

During an appendectomy, a purse-string suture is placed around the appendix stump to...

invert the stump of the appendix

Gastrointestinal technique is required in all of the following procedures EXCEPT


A hernia occurring in Hesselbeck's triangle is called..


Pathologic enlargement of the male breast is called..


Sutures placed in a wound to prevent wound evisceration are called...


Surgical enlargement of the passage between the prepylorus of the stomach and the duodenum is a..


A Whipple operation is surgically termed a...


A left subcostal incision indicates surgery of the..


A lower oblique incision is a(n)...


The curved transverse incision used for pelvic surgery is...


Which breast procedures removes the entire breast and axillary contents but preserves the pectoral muscles?

modified radical mastectomy

The breast procedure performed to remove extensive benign disease is a(n)..

simple mastectomy

What incision is indicated for an esophagogastrectomy?


In which incision could retention sutures be used?

vertical midline

In which hernia is the blood supply of the trapped sac contents compromised an in danger of necrosing?


In which hernia does the herniation protrude into the inguinal cancel but NOT the cord?


Which hernia leaves the abdominal cavity at the internal inguinal ring and passes with the cord structures down the inguinal canal?


An abdominal wall defect may be reconstructing using..

Gore-Tex patch

Mersilene is a(n)..

synthetic mesh

In a cholecystectomy, which structures are ligated and divided?

cystic duct and cystic artery

All of the following statements refer to pilonidal cyst surgery EXCEPT

the cyst is removed, but the tract remains

An important consideration during cholangiogram is to..

remove all air bubbles from the cholangiocath

An instrument used to elevate the thyroid love during surgical excision is a..


The intestinal layer in order, from inside to outside, is...

mucosa, submucosa, serosa

A common postoperative patient complaint following a laparoscopic procedure is..

shoulder pain

A subphrenic abscess occurs in the...


Portal pressure measurement is indicated in...

hepatic resection

Which organ is removed either because of trauma, a blood condition, or as a staging procedure for malignancy?


Following a hemorrhoidectomy, a...

petroleum gauze packing is placed in the anal canal

A benign anal wall "slit" type of lesion requiring excision is a(n)...

anal fissure

Which gallbladder procedure ALWAYS requires intraoperative x-rays?


In a pilonidal cystectomy, the defect frequently is too large to close and requires use of a(n)...

packing and pressure dressing

The instrument most commonly used to grasp the mesoappendix during an appendectomy is a...


Vaporization and coagulation of hemorrhoidal tissue can be acoomplished with...

CO2 laser

An entire tumor/mass removal is termed...

excisional biopsy

A surgical procedure performed to relieve esophageal obstruction caused by cardio-spasm is an..


Thrombosed vessels of the rectum are known surgically as...


A procedure done to give the colon a rest and is then reversed is...

temporary colostomy

A device that may obviate the need for an abdominoperineal resection because a low anterior anastomosis can be performed is a(n)...

end-to-end anastomosis (EEA)

An advanced inflammation of the bowel could be conservatively treated with which procedure?

temporary colostomy

Blunt dissection of the gallbladder from the sulcus of the liver requires the use of a...


Direct visualization of the common bile duct is accomplished with a...


"Scratch" marking is done in surgery of the...


Fogarty biliary catheters are use to...

facilitate stone removal

In laparoscopy, tubal patency is checked by...

injecting methylene blue into the cervical canal

In a thyroidectomy, a loop retractor retracts the...

sternocleidomastoid muscle

Which structure(s) are identified and preserved in thyroid surgery?

parathyroid glands

Bariatric surgery treats...


Which incision would require cutting through Scarpa's fascia?


A gastroplasty...

reduces stomach size

Which item retracts the spermatic cord structure in herniorrhaphy?

penrose drain

After uterus removal in a hysterectomy...

cervical and vaginal instruments are isolated from the instrument set in a discard basin

An irreducible hernia whose abdominal contents have become trapped in the extra-abdominal sac is called a(n)

incarcerated hernia

Which type of endoscopy camera produces the truest color?


While balancing a video camera in endoscopy requires the scrub person to focus the camera on..

a white sponge, a white wall, a glove wrapper

Defogging the video camera is usually the responsibility of the...

camera operator

A palliative invasive procedure done to prevent malnutrition or starvation is known as...


The use of noninvasive high-energy shock waves to pulverize gallstones into small fragments for easy passage through the common bile duct and out of the body is called..


Intraoperative cholangiograms can be performed either through open abdominal or laparoscopic procedures using a contract medium directly into the common bile duct through a...


Intra-abdominal pressure during the instillation of CO2 for creation of pneumoperitoneum is 8-10mm Hg. A pressure reading higher than this may indicate that the needle may be...

buried in fatty tissue, buried in the omentum, in a lumen of intestines

The proper method of removing the gallbladder specimen after complete dissection and irrigation of the operative site in a laparoscopic cholecystectomy is to...

utilize an endobag, pull gallbladder through the largest port, decompress the gallbladder by suctioning bile before removal

All of the following are recommendations for actions necessary to support the aseptic principle of "confine and contain" EXCEPT

all laundry should be discarded into impervious bags

All of the following drains are considered active postoperative drains that are attached to an external force EXCEPT


During a laparoscopic cholecystectomy the surgeon generally stands...

at the left side of the patient

Gastrointestinal decompression during a general surgical procedure can be effected by the use of a...

Levine Tube and Miller-Abbot tube

A selected alternative to a conventional ileostomy that denies spontaneous stool exiting from the stoma and requires catheterization of the stoma daily to evacuate the contents is a(n)..

Kock pouch

When both direct and indirect hernias occur in the same inguinal area, the defect is termed..


An inguinal hernia containing a Meckel's diverticulum is called a...


All of the following are designated options of laparoscopic hernia repair EXCEPT


Which muscles are incised in the midline of the neck once the skin laps are completed during a thyroidectomy?


Which bone is transected with bone-cutting forceps before removal of a thyroglossal cyst?


Drainage of an incision following a simple or modified radical mastectomy is accomplished by a...

close-wound drainage

During laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the camera operator usually stands...

to the right of the first assistant

The maximum pressure allowed to prevent the possible intraoperative complications of bradycardia, blood pressure changes, or potential gas emboli during a laparoscopic procedure is...

15mm Hg

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