Rubley Government Midterm Review

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Institutions and officials organized to establish and carry out public policy
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Horse trading, walkout, power struggle, demolition derby, & civil disobedience are all examples of what term?political gamesAn independent state, especially one where people share a common culturenation-stateWhat are the characteristics of a nation sate?-territorial integrity -code of laws -national sovereigntyThe process and method of making decisions for groupspoliticsPower to give orders and enforce rules that has been defined in a legal or official wayformal authorityThe ability to cause others to behave as they might not otherwise choose to dopowerThe idea that European monarchs had a God-given right to rule and thus deserved absolute powerDivine Right of KingsGovernment income, raised through taxes and other means, to be used for public expensesrevenueWays in which the government can use power to force citizens to behave in certain wayscoercionCunning or ruthless methods to obtain and maintain power; that "the end justifies the means"machiavellianThe quality of being accepted as an authority, often applied to laws or those in powerlegitimacyEstablishing organization, especially one providing a public service, & the rules that guide itinstitutionGreek concept of representative government; the well-intention rule for the benefit of allpolityThe legal right or power to give orders and enforce rulesauthorityAn economic system in which decisions about production are made on the basis of customtraditionalThis type of democracy chooses its chief executive from the majority party in legislatureParliamentaryIn this type of democracy, citizens elect representatives to governrepublicThis system of government divides power between central and regional governmentsfederalIn this system of government, regional governments hold the most powerconfederalControlled totally by the government, this economy brings full employment at the cost of qualitycommandThis principle of government gives people a voice in the government through votingpopular sovereigntyJames Madison defended the new constitution in the _________ Papers.FederalistPrecedents are important for this COnstitutional principleJudicial ReviewThe constitution is based on the idea of natural rights that came from this philosopherLockeThese powers are shared between the federal and state governmentConcurrentThis rule related to evidence seized during warrant less searchesExclusionaryThis AMENDMENT is often used to counter the use of the Elastic Clause10th Amendment -reserves the powers to state and govt. if the power isn't given to natl. govt. federalism- dividing power between state and natl.This AMENDMENT protects enumerated rights such as privacy9th Amendment -the list of rights in the constitution isnt complete, there might be other rightsClear distinctions between federal and state governments are evident in _________ federalismDualThe New Deal is commonly used as the beginning of ____________ federalismCooperativeRonald Reagan's use of block grants to return power to the states is called ______________.devolution -The effort to transfer responsibility for many public programs and services from the federal government to the states.Redistrictin in favor of a particular party is called ___________.GerrymanderingWhen the Supreme Court accepts a case they issue a Writ of __________.CertiorariThis type of brief is commonly used by groups in an attempt to influence the courtAmicusTrial courts who hear cases for the FIRST time have what type of jurisidiction?OriginalThis body confirms the President's appointments to the SUpreme COurtSenateThe court case that established the precedent of Judicial Review was _____________?Marbury v. MadisonA judge who i a strict constructionist would be an advocate for ____________.Judicial RestraintA Supreme Court Justice agrees with the majority for different reasons. This opinion is called _________>ConcurringWhen a defendant accepts a deal from the prosecution to reduce jail time, he is making a _____________.plea bargain