Nervous System Vocabulary

Nervous System
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Neurogliasmall cells that are associated with neuronsAstrocytessupport and brace neurons and anchor them to nutrient supply linesMicrogliaprotective cell like macrophages to phagocytize (kill or destroy)Ependymalline cerebral spinal fluid cavitiesOligodendrocyteswrap around neurons to produce more myelin sheath in CNSSchwann cellssurround all nerve fibers in the PNS and form myelin sheaths around thicker nervesSatellite cellssimilar function to astrocytes in PNS, support, & brace neuronsNerve cells(NEURONS)highly specialized cells that conduct messagesCell bodythe biosynthetic centerof a neuronAxona slender process that generates nerve impulsesDendritesshort branches that receive input from other neuronsMyelinprotects and insulates neurons, helps conduct nerve impulses rapidly