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Which of these is NOT a characteristic of all animals?

All of these are characteristics of all animals

Which of the following animal phyla is distinguished by a lack of tissues?


Cephalization in the animal kingdom is

concentration of sensory structures in the head

Between the organs and the body wall, complex animals have a body cavity called a


How can flatworms survive without a respiratory system?

All of these are true

Of all of the invertebrate phyla, only members of this can fly.


Ecdysozoans are protostomes that

include mollusks, annelids, and flatworms

The great size and mobility of the vertebrates is associated with ________

lightweight endoskeletons

Which of the following features is absent in lancelots?

a backbone

Jellyfish are most closely related to which group?


The heartworms that can accumulate within the hearts of dogs and other mammals have pseudocoelom, a digestive tract, and other covering that is occasionally shed. To which phylum does the heartworm belong?


A worm-like, segmented animal with two pairs of jointed legs per segment is probably a


Which of the following characteristics explains why insects are so successful at dispersing to distant environments?


Protostomes that have an open circulatory system and an exoskeleton of chitin are part of which phylum?


Protostome animals that have a unique tissue that secretes a calcium carbonate shell around themselves are the


Which of the following phyla includes deuterostomes that have an endoskeleton


Which of the following is a shared characteristic of all chordates?

dorsal, hollow nerve cord

Which of these are characteristics of all chordates during at least a portion of their development?

A, B, and C

Chordate pharyngeal slits appear to have functioned first as

components of the jaw

Which group's members have both lungs and gills during their adult lives?


Humans most frequently acquire trichinosis by

eating undercooked pork

The leeches used by doctors to prevent blood clotting and stimulate blood vessel growth in patients recovering from reconstructive surgery are members of the phylum


The phylum Nematoda includes these very common organisms, often found in soil.


The taxonomic group containing the largest and most intelligent invertebrates is


The dominant animal phylum in terms of diversity and richness is


Adult echinoderms that have radial symmetry lack_________

a head

Which of the following is NOT a group of chordates?


Which of the following has a ventral nerve cord?


Lancelet characteristics include

all of these

A lamprey is a __________

jawless fish

Class Chondrichthyes includes


A tadpole is an _______


Birds are now included in the _______ phylum, which they resemble in having scales on their legs and number of the same internal organs


Reptilian embryos will not dry out in a desert habitat because

reptiles produce shelled amniote eggs

The animals most like the ancestral protozoan colonies that likely gave rise to animals are:


A radially symmetrical animal that has two embryonic tissue layers probably belongs to which phylum?


Which of these is not considered an amniote?


In which vertebrates is fertilization exclusively internal?

reptiles and mammals

What is the single unique characteristic that distinguishes the birds from other living vertebrates?


Monotremes differ from other mammals in that they

lay eggs

_______ are the mammals with the most number of species.


Phylum Chordata includes all these EXCEPT


Swim bladders are present in ______ fishes.


A turtle is a


Birds are part of a related group of vertebrates that includes all of the


The cnidarian that produces a calcium carbonate 'house" is a


Which of the following is NOT a group of vertebrates?


Which of the following phyla includes deuterostomes that have an endoskeleton?


Which characteristic do birds share with mammals?

a four-chambered heart

Adult tunicates resemble invertebrate animals more than they resemble vertebrates. Why are they classified as chordates?

tunicate larvae have all of the above characteristics

A marsupial is a

pouched animal

The phylum Nematode includes very common animals; some are parasitic and are often found in soil


Worms with a well-developed circulatory system and five pairs of hearts are


Which of these has a closed circulatory system?


The dominant phylum in terms of diversity is


A grasshopper has an elaborately branching system of tubes within its body used for gas exchange. These tubes are called


Which of the following uses a radula to scrape food into its mouth?


Lampreys have reduced the sizes of many commercial fish populations in the Great Lakes because they

are parasites on those fish species

Lungfish are classified as

lobe-finned fishes

The _______ is NOT a marsupial


________ are the mammals with the most number of species.


The major recent problem faced by amphibians is

all of these

Segmentation is importnat in the evolution on animals because

it allows for specialization of function

Sponge cells may be supported by an internal skeleton of spicules composed of

any of these

A tunicate is an

invertebrate chordate

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