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the formation of blood cells in the living body (especially in the bone marrow)


Prefix meaning blood


to make

four types of bone

long, short, flat, and irregular

humerus or upper arm bone


carpals or wrist bones


frontal or skull bones


vertebrae or spinal bones



like a sesame seed: or round bones


a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint ; sesamoid


shaft: a hollow tube made of hard compact bone, hence a rigid and strong structure light enough in weight to permit easy movement

medullary cavity

hollow area inside the diaphysis of the bone that contains soft yellow bone marrow, an inactive, fatty form of marrow found in the adult skeleton


ends of long bone: red bone marrow fills in small spaces in the spongy bone composing

articular cartilage

a thin layer of cartilage covering each epiphysis; functions like small rubber cushion would if it were placed over the ends of bones where they form a joint


a strong fibrous membrane covering a long bone everywhere except at joint surfaces, where it is covered by articular cartilage


a thin membrane that lines the medullary cavity

compact (dense) bone

is a thin layer surrounding cancellous

cancellous bone

also know as the spongy bone or diploe in flat bone: is on the inside of the thin layer of compact bone


are the bony portions of the spongy bone that surround the open spaces

bone and cartilage

the skeletal systems two major type of connective tissues


Concentric rings made up of groups of hollow tubes of bone matrix

central canal

contains blood vessels and nerves


mature bone cells that maintain the bone matrix


were formerly the active bone building cells called osteoblasts


small spaces between the lamellae which contain osteocytes


passageways connecting lacunae to each other and to the central canal


Outer most fibrous layer that supplies blood and nerves to the bone

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