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Liturgical Worship
eucharist centered. the prescribed order or form of worship used by some churches, with the eucharist or holy communion as the central element.
the use of: stated directions regarding church practices and procedures as approved by the church.
gospel side
left side as the congregation faces the altar (minister preaches)
epistle side
right side as the congregation faces the altar (readings and prayers)
greek for bishop
episcopal / lutheran church was established by...
Henry the VIII as the Church of England
Episcopal church was formed in the USA in...
1789 as the Episcopal Church
The protestant churches are formed in the shape of a....
The crucifix/cross in protestant churches is at....
the center of the church either on the altar, above or behind
the center isle of the protestant church leads to...
the communion rail
what religious paraphernalia will be used under protestant funeral rite?
candles, incense, crucifer, pall, use of acolytes.
What is placed on the casket at the final committal under protestant funeral rite?
sand or flower petals may be sprinkled over the casket.
what is usually prohibited at an episcopal funeral?
what is not done at episcopal funerals because it is the prerogative of god to judge and commend?
the eulogy
the rubric of episcopals is....
book of common prayer
the lutheran church was established by....
martin luther in 1517
the lutheran church is governed by...
what is the lutheran view of cremation?
it is discouraged
are flowers permitted in the lutheran church?
non-liturgical worship
a form or order of worship having the scriptures as the central element with the actual order of worship determined by the local congregation and clergy.
do non-liturgical churches use rubrics?
no, the church body has no set of prescribed order of service or worship, but leaves the actual form or order up to the discretion of the pastor in charge.
the _______ is the central piece of furniture, representing the centrality of the Word of God.
in non-liturgical worship there is flexibility in what?
the casket position and casket options (open/closed) and in procession and recession.
who is credited with the founding of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?
Joseph Smith
what age is a boy ordained into the office of priesthood of the church of latter day saints?
do bishops of the mormon faith serve for a stipend?
is there special clothing for those of the mormon faith who have been through the temple?
for a man of the mormon faith who has been through the temple, his clothes are...
undergarments, socks, shirt, trousers, tie and moccasins. a robe is worn over the right shoulder extending diagonally across the chest in a straight line to the ankle, front and back. a green apron and white sash are placed over the waist. the sash is tied in a bow on the left side. a white cap is placed on the deceased's head before the casket is closed. the cap has a bow on the left side and string on the right side, which is tied to the robe.
for a woman who has been through the temple, the clothes she wears are....
undergarments, hose, slip, dress and moccasins. the robe is worn over the right shoulder and extending diagonally across the chest in a straight line to the ankle. the apron and sash are placed over the waist and fastened similarly to those on the men. a white veil is draped on a pillow at the back of the head and placed over the face before the casket is closed. a ribbon is tied under the chin.
do the members of mormonism participate in the dressing and casketing of the deceased?
the mormon funeral is prohibited where?
the temple
is there religious paraphernalia at a mormon funeral?
the customary method of disposition for mormons is?
who is credited with founding the church of christ, scientist?
mary baker eddy
what is injustice, sin, sickness or grief called?
the principle text of the church of christ, scientist, is?
science and health with key to the scriptures
the preferred terms regarding death in CoC, scientist is?
passed on
what is the function of the reader in the CoC, scientist?
may be the officiant of any service of the church, including funeral service.
who will have jurisdiction of the deceased since the physicians are often not utilized?
the coroner, medical examiner, or justice of the peace. the circumstances of the death will determine whether or not any restrictions will be placed on the immediate removal of the remains.
where are funeral services prohibited for CoC, Scientist members?
the christian science church
what is the favorable method of interpretation of the bible for jehovah's witnesses?
what are the religious characteristics of jehovah's witnesses?
no recognized individual or formal governing structure to lead them. a group of ten ordained ministers oversees their activity. refusal to accept blood transfusions. refusal to salute the flag of any country. refusal of military participation. they do not condemn others who do not practice their views.
kingdom hall
place of worship for jehovahs witnesses
what is the view of funeral participation regarding those outside the faith?
what is the function of the elder in mormonism?
will function as the oficiant
the title of the buddhist priest
book of dates
a term used in the buddhist faith to describe a calendar that is used to determine an accurate time for casketing the body, services and disposition
the first and last two verses of the buddhist hymn sung at the funeral service
traditionally, in the buddhist faith, a bedside prayer which may now be performed by the bonze just before the funeral arrangements are made
the buddhist idea of heavenly peace or pure land
the buddhist place of worship
service of encasketing
in the buddhist faith, a service performed as a part of casketing the body
words of appreciation
a brief expression of gratitude to the congregation for their presence at the buddhist service
what may be placed into the mouths of deceased buddhists?
rice, gold or coins
the ceremony of the declaration of death in buddhism is...
all the family members wear white clothes, express their emotion while awaiting the arrival of the bonze. the body is prepared, dressed and placed on a table next to the casket.
the deceased altar in buddhism
placed before the casket with the deceased photo, candles, oil lamp, incense vase, flowers, fruits and food.
the buddha altar
placed at a right angle to the deceased altar and contains incense, flowers, candles and fruits.