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year Cuba becomes indep (was like a US procterate)

Batista 1934- 1959

DATES; a soldier; non-wealthy background; rigged elections; leader of Cuba; US cuts off aid to him March 1958


(1926- ); fairly wealthy background; went to university; parents from Sp; he & bro (Raul) lead attack on military base (July 26, 1953)- failure, 15 yrs jail, bt let out early; 1955 meet Che Guevara in Mexico; 1956 land on Cuban coast- make it back to mountains to form guerrilla group; finally comes out as a comm in 1961; comes to pwr Jan 1959: gets control/ side of military, nationalizes things, expropriates any large farm, repudiates the Rio Pact, arrests anti-Castro peep (they flee to FL); 1960: trade embargo begins- he turns to USSR for oil; Jan 3, 1961: US break diplomatic relations w/ Cuba

Guantanamo Bay

place in Cuba where we still have a military base


a times writer; stayed w/ Castro peep in forest; we tell him to get out

January 1959

date Castro comes to power

Bay of Pigs

April 1961; plan by Dulles; we train Cuban exiles in S. Florida; we pretend we weren't behind it; maybe we were supposed to help them? failure. Castro more popular

Operation Mongoose

a series of sabotage for US on Cuba; we would sneak over and burn things and stuff; turned Cuba towards USSR; assassination plans; CIA joins w/ Mafia

Cuban Missile Crisis

Oct 1962; USSR gave Castro some 'Surface to Air Missiles' (SAMs); we go to UN; we "quarantine" Cuba; TENSE; they back down & we unofficially tell USSR we won't invade anymore; get Test Ban Treaty & Hot Line


1: war; 2: eminent; 3: crisis. we were in 2 during Missile Crisis!

Test Ban Treaty

Aug 1963; says you can no longer test nuclear weapons b/c they're bad for the enviorment/ peep (can test underground)


but we had missiles in ___ pointed towards USSR!

Che Guevara d. 1967

DATE; wants to spread Maoism? "We need to create many Vietnams"; goes to Bolivia (thinks it perfect for comm) bt captured/ executed- becomes martyr

July 26 Movement

name of the movement when Castro & bro lead attack on military base but it fails and he gets arrested (will later walk out of jail)

Leopold II

king of Belgium; largest stockholder in the company that owned the Congo; after he dies, Congo is owned by Belgium


year Belgium gets its indep (VERY abrupt)


d. 1961; PM of Belgium 60-61; admired Nkrumo (pan-Africanism, throwing off west); overthrown by his gov't; handed over to Tshombe by Kasuvubu & Mobutu; killed; becomes new martyr to pan-Africanists & comm martyr to USSR


prez of Belgium. HAD to name Lumumba PM b/c he had the biggest army; hand Lumumba over to Tsombe


was a Sergent then commander of the military; hand Lumumba over to Tshombe; emerges from Simba Rebellion as dictator; finally overthrown 1997; "the guide", "Mobutism"


tries to have Katanga (area) succeed; a little better w/ west, so west wants him to succeed; hires white mercenaries; appeals to UN for troops- not fast enough; turns to USSR


area in south east of Belgium; where most of the mineral wealth is


d. 1961; secretary general of UN; goes to Congo bt his plane crashes and he dies

Simba Rebellion

means 'lion'; battle; Mobutu emerges from it- is dictator till 1997


what is the Congo called 1971- 1997?

Democratic Republic of the Congo

what is the Congo now called?

Laurent Kabila

when Mobutu is toppled, he takes over; a resistance leader; shot by his own peep in 2001; now Congo ruled by his son

Joseph Kabila

(2001- )dude who rules Congo now; he is okay- mild dictatorship

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