APES CH 14 Review


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Which is a point source of pollution?
A sewage treatment plant
can cause dead zones
Fecal coliform bacteria
Is used as an indicator of water quality
Leach fields are
Used to filter septage
A manure lagoon is being built for a dairy with 700 cows, each of which produces 40 L of manure each day. How large much the lagoon be to hold 30 days' worth of manure?
840,000 L
Arsenic is
Found naturally in water
Which is NOT true of acid deposition?
It causes increased solubility of many ions
What cause the eggshells of some birds to become thin and break?
An insecticide ingested by prey species
Exposure often occurs though shellfish
Which hazardous material is known to cause cancer
PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) a group of industrial compounds
The Exxon Valdez oil spill
Lead to new regulations for oil tankers
Approximately what percent of the oil in marine waters worldwide is due to natural causes?
Which is NOT used in the cleanup of oil spills?
Clumping agents applied to underwater plumes
Solid waste
Can include coal-burning byproducts
Sedimentation of water
clogs the gills of some aquatic animals
Thermal pollution
Has been reduced by the use of cooling towers
The use of sonar
Disrupts communication among whales
The first legal legislation on water quality was
The Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Maximum contaminant levels for groundwater were set in
The Safe Drinking Water Act
Which water quality issue is not covered in existing legislation?
Nonpoint sources
Which does NOT contribute to poor water quality in developing countries?
Relocation of industry