17 terms

Modern Test 3 Part 5

ad hok
Latin phrase; set up for a particular question
quid pro quo
Latin phrase; something for something (you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours)
Nuremberg Trials Nov 45- Oct 46
DATES; they are 'ad hok'; some say it is victor's justice; 22 peep on trial; 11 sentenced to hang; 8 long time in jail; 3 acquitted; understaffed; no lawyers
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 1998
DATE; permanent tribunal; 120 countries vote 'yes'; 7 say 'no'; began working in 2002: 1321 have signed & rationalized, 32 have signed bt not rationalized, 41 have not signed; SLOW- 28 peep endighted, 23 put on trial
city in Ger; bombed heavily by Br & Us late in the war; called an unnecessary atrocity
ex post facto
means 'after the fact'; can't be punished for something if it was not a law before; disregarded during Nuremberg Trials
dude absent during Nuremberg Trials; political secretary to Hitler; thought to have escaped- but killed by building
Nazi that committed suicide during the Trials
main prosecutor of Nuremberg Trials
conspiring to disrupt peace, carrying out the plans, war crimes, crimes against humanity
4 accounts the Nazis were charged of
boring bureaucratic; administrative genius; architect of 'final soln' to Jewish question; escaped to Buenos Aires; captured by Mossad; tried & executed
Israeli CIA; capture Eichmann and bring him back
Dr at Auschwitz; "Angel of Death"; experiments; died of natural causes
head of the Nazi intelligence on USSR front; US smuggle him into USA- we want to use him to help against USSR; becomes head of CIA- like group in West ger
von Braun
ROCKETS! worked w/ Nazis to develop first military rockets; called 'V-2' for 'vengence 2'; captured after war- we rehabilitate him; father of 'Saturn 5'
USA, Iraq, Israel, Ch, Libya, Yemen, Quatar
7 countries who said 'no' to the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court
2006- first man arrested and put on trial on ICC; a warlord in the Congo; Acquitted this yr on March 14, 2012- prisoned for life