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Flashcards with blanks for Modern World History, KTHS


ruler who takes ___________ of a country by __________ and uses force to keep power (examples: Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin)


political movement in the 1920s and 1930s that was ______________________, militarist, and opposed to democracy; the Fascist political party came to power in _____________in 1922


____________________ dictator who came to power in Italy in 1922

Nazi Party

National Socialist political party in _____________________; it controlled Germany from ________ until 1945; held fascist and racist beliefs

Adolf Hitler

brutal _______________________ dictator and head of the National Socialist (Nazi) ___________________party, 1933-45


the planned destruction of a group of people; the ___________________ is an example.


Nazis' plan to destroy the entire _______________population of Europe; succeeded in killing approx. _______ million people


words, pictures, and other information that have the purpose of changing peoples' _______________ and behavior


Franklin Delano _________________________, the American president between ________________and 1945

Joseph Stalin

brutal __________________who ruled the Soviet Union between __________________and 1953; led the country during the Great Depression and World War 2

collective farms

In the Soviet Union, _________________owned by the government and operated to produce food for ________________workers


hatred of ______________ people, the Jewish _______________, and the Jewish "race"


belief that ______________differences between people reflect differences in character and worth


use of ___________________force to achieve political goals


means "_______________________ ______________" in German; refers to quick, violent attacks on an enemy country

Axis countries

In World War 2, _____________________, Italy, _____________________and their allies


countries that opposed the _______________ in WW2, especially the ______________, Britain, and Soviet Union

concentration camps

prison camps created by _______________ for Jews, socialists, and other "enemies" of Germany

killing centers

one of six concentration camps in Nazi-occupied _____________ whose purpose was to murder "enemies," especially Jews (includes ________________________ and Treblinka)


policy of letting Hitler have what he wanted in the late 1930s "just one more _________________"

naval base

port where a country's _________________ is built, trained, and maintained

Pearl Harbor

American naval base in _________________ that was bombed by _______________ on 12/7/41 in a surprise attack


huge battle between __________________and Nazi armies; the Soviets won in early __________________


massive naval and __________________ invasion of Nazi-controlled France on June 6, ______________

atomic bomb

powerful bomb dropped by _____________________planes on Japanese cities of ________________________ and Nagasaki in 1945


A ______________________organization in the Soviet Union that spread communist ideas and supported communist political ________________ throughout the world

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