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sry for being late //this time it's all the notes that we need for the test on Wednesday/Thursday

lst layer, most dense, jet stream, gets coldest faster, air is thin in high altitude(less oxygen, and gets colder), most weather happens, most water vapor, dust particles, clouds because 80% of atmosphere mass is in this layer


2nd layer, starts off cool-warms up to 0 degrees, dry(little vapor), contains most ozone layer, protect us from UV radiation, opposite behavior in troposphere, jets fly(to avoid turbulence), temperature rises as one moves upward


middle layer, protects earth from meteors(shooting stars), air is thin above(atoms and molecules never run into each other), gases get separated some(depending on the element)


heats up quickly, ions(charged particles), exists in "bands"-fall and rise with sun, radio waves bounce off, spaces stations


big, loose, thin, radioactive, little gravity


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