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Key Chapters in Hebrews, General Epistles, Revelation NT Survey CIU

Hebrews 6
Warning against apostasy
Hebrews 11
Heroes of faith
Hebrews 12
God's discipline
James 1
Trials and redemption
James 2
Faith and works
James 3
Controlling the tongue
1 Peter 4
Suffering for the sake of Christ
2 Peter 2
False teachers
2 Peter 3
Certainty of Christ's coming in spite of delay
Revelation 1
Vision of the risen Christ
Revelation 2-3
Letters to the seven churches
Revelation 4
Praise to the One who sits on the throne
Revelation 5
Praise to the Lamb
Revelation 19
The second coming of Christ
Revelation 20
The millennium
Revelation 21-22
The new heaven and earth