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  1. General Zaroff
  2. Walter Mitty
  3. Loisel
  4. Jean
  5. Narrator
  1. a doodles brother, teaches Doodle to walk, cruel
  2. b old,ordinary,easily distracted,timid
  3. c kind, considerate, does everything to make his wife happy
  4. d narrator ,oldest, mature, reluctant to stay in Florida
  5. e suffers from boredom, human hunter

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  1. young, smart, adventurous, also called "Mei-Mei" (little sister)
  2. caring, kind, loving, her pride possession is her hair
  3. supportive of their son, proud, kind
  4. controlling,bossy,treats her husband like a son
  5. jealous,semi-barbaric, deep in love

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  1. Ivandeaf,dumb,Cossack, Zaroff`s right hand man


  2. Aunt Niceyold,ordinary,easily distracted,timid


  3. Doodlenot healthy, small, craziest brother a boy could have


  4. Rainsforddoodles brother, teaches Doodle to walk, cruel


  5. Matildaashamed of her life, jealous of people who have nice things, ungrateful, beautiful, vain, materialistic