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  1. Doodles Momma and Daddy
  2. Waverly`s Mother
  3. Mother from Secrets
  4. Mrs.Mitty
  5. Aunt Nicey
  1. a independent, determined
  2. b superstitious, crazy, religious
  3. c controlling,bossy,treats her husband like a son
  4. d supportive of their son, proud, kind
  5. e Chinese, speaks poor english, proud of her daughter, wise, formal,

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  1. semi-barbaric, high authority,protective of his daughter,strict
  2. narrator ,oldest, mature, reluctant to stay in Florida
  3. caring, kind, loving, her pride possession is her hair
  4. not healthy, small, craziest brother a boy could have
  5. insidious mind, crazy, creepy, wealthy, jealous

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  1. Narratordoodles brother, teaches Doodle to walk, cruel


  2. Princess`s Loverstrong,brave,handsome


  3. Princesskind, considerate, does everything to make his wife happy


  4. Ivandeaf,dumb,Cossack, Zaroff`s right hand man


  5. Loiselnot healthy, small, craziest brother a boy could have