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When was Martin Luther King Jr. born

The year of 1929

At what age did Martin luther King Jr. start College


When was Coretta Scott King born


When was Muhammid Ghandi born


Martin Luther king Jr's first child

Yolanda Denice King

Martin Luther King Jr's second child

Martin luther King Jr. the III

Maritn Luther King Jr's Third child

Dexter Scott King

Who was Martin Luther King Jr.

A man who fought for the Civill Rights for blacks, and aslo fought segregation

Marrtin Luther King Jr's fourth child

Bernice Albertine King

Martin Luther King Jr's wife

Coretta Scott King

Stabbed Martin Luther King Jr.

Izola Curry

Who killed Martin King Jr.

James Earl Ray

What year did Martin Luther King Jr. die


What year did Martin Luther King Jr. day become a National holiday


When and where did he give his "I Have a Dream" speech

Washington D.C, the year of 1963

When did he recieve the Nobel Peace Prize

The year of1964

When did the Vietnam War begin


When did Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta get married


When did he become a Baptist Minister


What was the span of time that the Jim Crow Laws effected blacks

1876 to 1965

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