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The poetry of courtly love stressed:

love at a distance.

Within medieval towns, artisan and craftspeople formed _____________, associations to protect their interests.


Western scholars gained access to the works of ancient Greek philosophers and physicians, as well as Roman legal experts and Arab mathematicians, though:

the works of Byzantine and Islamic scholars.

Heloise was:

All these options are correct

The strictest of the new Orders were the:


The three basic social groups of traditional medieval life were:

the landed nobility, the clergy, and the laborers (rural peasants and village artisans).

The largest social group in medieval Europe was made up of:

agrarian peasants.

Evidence suggests that most parents and scholars in the Middle Ages viewed children as:

beloved family members with their own needs and rights.

All of the following are true regarding the nobility EXCEPT:

there were no divisions with the nobility.

The difference between servile and free manors was:

Tenants of servile manors had no original claim to any part of the land, while tenants of free manors had originally been freemen who exchanged their portion of the land and other possessions for the security provided by the lord of the manor.

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