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  1. Photographins the entire scene in a clockwise manner.
  2. 1. Explain how officers can make a warrantless entry of the crime scene to do an initial assessment of the danger to life or safety and destructibility of evidence.
    2. Provide steps they can take to resolve a particular emergency (such as protection sweeps, searches for destructible evidence, diagramming, photographing, videotaping, etc.
  3. What is the main goal of the crime scene investigation?
  4. Scene is divided into quadrants, with each quadrant searched by one searcher.

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  1. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin says thatStates that law enforcement agencies should have a well-crafted policy on search warrants that guides officers who respond to crime scenes so that the admissibility of evidence will be ensured.


  2. Rough SketchPrepared by investigator at the crime scene.


  3. Strip SearchSearchers follow other in a concentric circle from the outside to the center of the crime scene.


  4. Finished SketchPrepared by investigator at the crime scene.