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  1. Searchers follow other in a concentric circle from the outside to the center of the crime scene.
  2. Searchers look for possible evidence by walking side by side.
  3. Photographins the entire scene in a clockwise manner.
  4. States that law enforcement agencies should have a well-crafted policy on search warrants that guides officers who respond to crime scenes so that the admissibility of evidence will be ensured.

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  1. Who created the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin?1. Explain how officers can make a warrantless entry of the crime scene to do an initial assessment of the danger to life or safety and destructibility of evidence.
    2. Provide steps they can take to resolve a particular emergency (such as protection sweeps, searches for destructible evidence, diagramming, photographing, videotaping, etc.


  2. Finished SketchPrepared later by a professional for presentation in court.


  3. Rough SketchPrepared later by a professional for presentation in court.


  4. What are the four policies by D.H.Garrison Jr.'s on protecting the crime scene?1. Consent
    2. Emergency
    3. Public Place
    4. Plain View