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OHVA Examples of Present Progressive

"In English, it's the verb form that ends in -ing. To form it in Spanish, add ending -ando to AR verb stems and -iendo to ER and IR verb stems. ER and IR verb stems not ending in a consonant use -yendo rather than -iendo. ER and IR stem changing verbs use the e-i and o-u pattern; ex: dormir - durmiendo"
I am eating bread.
Yo estoy comiendo pan
They are talking on the phone.
Ellos están hablando por teléfono.
You are walking to the market.
Tú estás caminendo al mercado.
We are running home.
Nosotros estamos corriendo a casa
She is playing tennis.
Ella está jugando al tenis.
He is swimming.
Él está nadando
They are lifting weights.
Ellos están levantando pesas
I am skiing.
Yo estoy esquiando.