12 terms

Marketing Test #2

how can we get you to buy the product. the attempt to modify the thought or behaviors of the consumers and move them towards a predetermined goal
- appeal- only works for certain individuals
need recgonition
maslows hierarchy of needs- we want to fulfill the highest need and recognized the highest need
information search
depending on how much information you need and how much involvement the search required
personal & commercial
2 external factors that we look at when trying to gather information
family and friend
level of personal ways to gather information; getting information from someone you trust
word of mouth
level of personal; when people talk. you listen to what they have to say
buzz marketing
a style of marketing that impacts word of mouth. a company has a new product and they want to introduce it to the market have to find opinion leaders to use the product.
celebrity endorsement
someone that a company is paying money to, to use the product and say that they like it
boost sales & change perception of the product
2 goals of celebrity endorsers
external factor; biased source of information
direct mail
more money is spent on this type of advertisement