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  1. which environment has the best conditions to enhance weathering
  2. what term typically describes the soil horizon that is weathered but resembles the unweathered rock on which it lies
  3. (T/F) at high pressures and elevated temperatures of regional metamorphism, silicate rocks are more resistant to flow age and deformation than at low temperature and pressures
  4. the ___ states that in a sequence of conformable sedimentary strata, the higher bed is younger than the bed below it
  1. a False
  2. b law of superposition
  3. c saprolite
  4. d the amazon rainforest

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  1. an index fossil
  2. true
  3. Quartz Si02
  4. compaction and cementation
  5. the fault is younger than the sedimentary rocks

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  1. chemical weathering is enhanced by physical weathering primarily due to an increase insurface area


  2. the age of the boundary between the end of the Mesozoic (cretaceous period) and the beginning of the Cenozoic (tertiary period) is ____ million years before presentmajor biological extinction


  3. flat surfaces along which sedimentary rocks tend to separate or break are calledcompaction and cementation


  4. Most energy sources are derived from what kind of rockssedimentary rocks


  5. shalesand