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  1. what is the main difference between a conglomerate and a sedimentary breccia
  2. the ___ states that in a sequence of conformable sedimentary strata, the higher bed is younger than the bed below it
  3. the major extinction that gave rise to the dinosaurs and occurred about 250 million years ago occurred at the end of what geologic period
  4. ____ is typically formed by metamorphism of shale
  5. the daughter product of radioactive decay of the Potassium 40 isotope is
  1. a Argon 40
  2. b law of superposition
  3. c breccia clasts (fragments) are angular, conglomerate clasts are rounded
  4. d permian
  5. e slate

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  1. 5%;75%
  2. calcite
  3. saprolite
  4. 65 million years
  5. the edges and corners

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  1. which of the following statements concerning slate is not trueinvolves a major change in the mineral composition of the weathered material


  2. coal beds originate infreshwater swamps


  3. Most energy sources are derived from what kind of rocksfalse


  4. the start or end of most of the named periods of the geologic time scale ( triassic) is identified by major geologic events ( advances of glaciers) and/or by ____ eventstrue


  5. (T/F) Peat is though to be the original material from which coals are formedFalse