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  1. conglomerate
  2. (T/F) chalk and coquina are types of coal
  3. what foliated, metamorphic rock is texturally intermediate between slate and schist
  4. chemical weathering is enhanced by physical weathering primarily due to an increase in
  5. what type of foliation results from the parallel alignment of abundant, coarse-grained, mica flakes in a metamorphic rock
  1. a surface area
  2. b phyllite
  3. c Gravel
  4. d Schistosity
  5. e false

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  1. False
  2. Cleavage
  3. sedimentary rocks
  4. pressures are fairly low, the rock is in the upper part of the crust, and heat is supplied from a nearby magma body
  5. False

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  1. which of the following is an essential characteristic of an index fossilthe fossil occurs over a short period of geologic time


  2. (T/F) Peat is though to be the original material from which coals are formedFalse


  3. flat surfaces along which sedimentary rocks tend to separate or break are calledbedding planes


  4. Flint, chert, and jasper are microcrystalline forms of _______Quartz Si02


  5. which of the following describes an unconformitya buried erosion surface with young strata above and much older rocks below