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Geology Lecture3- Hadean and Archean eons

Scientific Theory
A set of conceptual framework, including visual and verbal statements and abstract equations;
Must be testable by repeatable scientific observations.
Bing Bang Theory
Model that explains hoe the Universe evolved.
Edwin Hubble
Came up with the theory that the universe is expanding.
Whayt is the age of the Universe?
13.7 Billion Years Ago
1/1000,000 sec after the Big Bang....
The Universe is a large super-hot soup of
subatomic particles (plasma - no internal
structure), including electrons, protons,
neutrons.- No nulcei
Time: 3 min...
Protons + neutrons → H & He nucleus
No atoms: electrons are too fast
Time: 380,000....
Size of the Milky Way
Temperature: 10,000 oF.
Electrons slowed down, first element H,
then He
Light started to travel in space
Time: 200 Million years...
The Universe is a giant dark ultra-cold
cloud of H and He gases.
Diameter: 60 billion light years
Temperature: -367 oF.
Ancient stars started to form.- Formed light elements( not heavy)
Time: 500 Million years
Supernova- Exploding ancient stars.
Stars exploded, sending off debris into space
Eventually, debris collapses and forms new stars and planets.
Heavy elements
9 billion years
Solar system is formed.
Formation of the sun.
Solar nebula: dense rotational cloud;
At the center of solar nebular, temperature and
pressure rose and the Sun formed
Formation of Planets
The planets formed from a rotating dust cloud
Planets formed from rocky debris
Collided to form aggregates
Aggregates collided to form asteroids
Some coalesced to form planets
Where did ocean water come from?
Ocean's water came from volcanoes and its salts from rock
Water vapor from volcanic emissions cooled,
Salts carried to sea by rivers and introduced at ridges.
Moon formation
50 million years after the Earth was born
An asteroid (1/10 Earth's size)
Mantle of impacting body formed the moon