25 terms

Management chapter 18

is unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a goal for which they are committed and hold themselves mutually accountable
Free Rider
is a person who benefits from team membership but doesnt make a proportionate contribution to the teams work
5 disfunctions of a team
lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of committiment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results
Formal teams
are created by organizations as part of the formal organizations structure
vertical team
is composed of a manager and his subordinates in the formal chain of command
horizontal team
is made up of employees from about the same hierarchical level but from different areas of expertise
Corss functional teams
is a group of employees from different departments who deal with a specific activity and exsist as a team only until the task is completed
is a long lasting team created as part if the formal organization structure to deal with tasks that occur regularly
speical purpose teams
are teams created outside the formal structure to undertake a project of special importance such as developing a new product
self directed team
consist of multiskilled employees who rotate jobs to produce an entire product or service often led by an elected team member
vitual team
is a team made up of members who are geographically or organizationally dispersed, rarely meet, and interact to accomplish their work primarily using advanced information and telecommunications technologies
global team
is made up of employees who came from different countries and whose activites span multiple countries
task specialist role
is a team role in which an individual devotes personal time and energy to helping the team accomplish its activites and reacj its goal
socioemotional role
is a team role in which an individual provides support for team members emotional needs and helps strengthen social unity
stage of team developement is a period of orientaton and getting aquainted
is the stage of team development in which individual personalities and roles emerge along with resulting conflicts
refers to the stage of development in which conflicts are resolved and team harmony and unity emerge
a stage in which members focus on problem solving and accomplishing teams assigned task
is the stage during which members of temporary teams prepare for teams disbandment
team cohesiveness
refers to extent to which team members are attracted to the team and motivated to remain a part of it
team norms
is an informal standard of conduct that is shared by team members and guides their behavior
task conflict
Conflicts over content and goals of the work.
relationship conflict
Results from interpersonal incompatibility that creates tension and personal animosity among people
superordinate goal
A shared goal that can be achieved only through cooperation among individuals or groups.
is the process of using a third party to settle a dispute