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a Dutch colonist in S. Africa


the belief that one race is superior to others

Berlin Conference 1884

1884 european reps. agreed on colonization of Africa

Social Darwinism

justification for racism and imperialist expansion


policy of treating people like children, providing for needs but not giving rights.


policy where a nation forces or encourages subjects to adopt their culture

Menelik II

1889-1913 emporer of ethiopia

Ottoman Empire

a Turkish sultanate of southwestern Asia and northeastern Africa and southeastern Europe

Crimean War

1853-1856 Ottoman empire with Britain and France stops Russian expantion into the black sea

Muhammad Ali

1769-1849 ruler of Egypt

Suez Canal

1869 connects Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea


political economic or social domination of one nation by another


1787 - 1828 king

Boer war

1899-1902 British vs Dutch in S. Africa


foreign policy based on geography

jewel in the crown

India, most important British colony for raw materials and markets

Pacific rim

land surrounding Pacific ocean, esp. Asia

King Mongkut

1804 - 1868 king Thailand


adding a region to an existing political unit

Emilio Aguinaldo

1869-1964 first Filipino president

Sepoy Mutiny

1857 Hindu and Muslum revolt against British in India


old name for Iran

Queen Liliuokalani

1838 - 1917 queen of Hawaii


British rule in India

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