Chapter 7 Vocab

15 terms by noahdonoghue0

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An abnormal fear of narrow, enclosed places


An associate or coworker of similar status


1. To lower oneself to a position one considers inferior
2. To behave in an offensively superior manner


1. Conditional; depending on something else
2. Likely but not certain to happen


To discourage or intimidate


1. A downpour of rain; a flood
2. A flood of anything
3. To flood or overwhelm


To clear away; to remove or get rid of, as if scattering


To give a title, nickname or description to


1. A sounding of trumpets or other brass instruments
2. Any showy display


1. A young bird just learning to fly
2. A young and inexperienced person
3. New and untested


Empty, shallow or silly


Courage to bear up under difficult circumstances; spirit


Small and unimportant, not worth noticing


To draw out or lengthen (in time)


A copy or reproduction, especially one on a smaller scale than the original

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