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the frustration-aggression principle

Shortly after Alex learned that he had failed to make the high school football team, he vandalized the team's locker room and broke several classroom windows. His behavior is best explained in terms of


Groupthink is fueled by a desire for

mirror-image perceptions

Although the leaders of two enemy nations admit to a buildup of their own military forces, each sees the other country's actions as unreasonable and motivated by evil intentions. This situation best illustrates

cognitive dissonance theory

Professor Stewart wrote a very positive letter of recommendation for a student despite having doubts about her competence. Which theory best explains why he subsequently began to develop more favorable attitudes about the student's abilities?


Although Frieda is typically very reserved, as part of a huge rock concert crowd she lost her inhibitions and behaved in a very sexually provocative way. Frieda's unusual behavior is best understood in terms of


Although Natalie receives somewhat greater rewards from her marriage than does her husband, both are satisfied with the relationship because they each benefit in proportion to what they put into it. This best illustrates the significance of

frequency of dating

People's physical attractiveness is a good predictor of their


When Hutu militia began to slaughter the Tutsi in 1994, missionary Carl Wilkens risked his own life to save the lives of others. His actions best illustrated

underestimating situational constraints on another's behavior

The fundamental attribution error involves

no others were pulling with them

In a study of social loafing, blindfolded students were asked to pull on a rope as hard as they could. The students tugged hardest when they thought

the reciprocity norm

After Mrs. Chanski and her children had helped themselves to free samples of the cookies being promoted in the grocery store, she felt obligated to buy some, even though they seemed unreasonably expensive. Her reaction best illustrates the significance o

participants are not observed by other group members when giving their answers

Using the Asch procedure, conformity to group judgments would be LEAST likely when


Initiating one or more small conciliatory acts is a central feature of

the scapegoat theory

Evidence that people exhibit heightened levels of prejudice when they are economically frustrated offers support for

the chameleon effect

Research participants who worked alongside someone who rubbed his or her face or shook his or her foot were observed to do the same thing themselves. This best illustrated

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