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The Renaissance

What was the basis of the Renaissance?
What did Italian humanists study?
Ancient Greek and Roman culture
What did Renaissance artists realistically portray?
natural life and forms and used perspective
What became the center of concern in art and literature?
human beings
What language does Renaissance come from? What is the meaning of the word?
French. Rebirth
What characterized the Renaissance?
A renewed interest in Roman literature and life
Where did the Renaissance begin?
In Italy
What were the most important cities in the Renaissance?
Florence, Rome Venice,Milan, and Naples
T of F citizens were educated and wealthy
How did the people view their cities?
as an ancient Greek polis
Wealthy family who rose to the top as bankers and then rulers of the city state of Florence?
The de Medici Family
What is an epithet for Lorenzo de Medici?
Patron of the arts, wanted to make Florence the most glorious city in Europe.
Lorenzo de Medici
Italian Scholars developed an invest in what?
Classical Roman Literature
Scholars stressed the study of what?
grammar, rhetoric, history, and poetry using classical texts
What were people who specialized in the humanities called?
What did Humanists come to believe was important?
to know HOW things worked
What did people believe before the Renaissance?
preparation for life after death but also as a joy itself!
What was later believed about the people?
Men and women despite all their faults were intelligent beings who could make their own decisions
What new thing did writers begin to produce?
How-to books
Who was Francesco Petrarch?
Scholar and teacher from Florence who wrote the "Sonnets to Laura"
What were the Sonnets to Laura?
poetry about an imaginary ideal woman
How many sonnets were written?
365, one for every day of the year
What did Humanists believe?
Romans were the best example of ethical behavior and people could imitate this behavior and people could imitate this behavior if they study these writings
What was a classical education?
The study of ancient writing especially the Romans
What was the mark of an educated person?
Command of the Latin Language
Who was Niccolo Machiavelli ?
A diplomat and historian from Florence
What did he do?
claimed that power counts more than noble ideals and wrote "The Prince" a famous essay about how government actually worked. Also advised that rules should maintain state by whatever means were necessary
What is the meaning of the word Machiavellian in todays world?
Machiavellian is used to describe people who use deceit and who have little regard for morality in an effort to get what they want
Who was Baldissare Castiglione?
An Italian diplomat who wrote "The Book of the Courtier"