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LALB Period 7-8


-A large aquarium for the study and display of marine life.

Another name for an oceanarium is an aquarium.


-Under greater than normal pressure.

The soda was compressed into the can with all the air.


-Disguise produced by blending in with the surroundings.

The solider had camouflage.


-The causing of an object to appear larger.

The cell was magnified.


- The state of living together in peace

The two sisters coexisted.


-To move with great speed.

The man hurtled and won the race.


-Threatning behavior.

The dogs were agressive.


-Full of light.

The full moon was luminous on the dreary night.


-Beatiful in shape or style.

The man looked elegant for his wedding.


-Controlling all others.

The biggest, strongest dolphin was the dominant one.

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