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false and malicious misrepresentation of the words and actions of another, intended to injure his or her reputation


the action of taking away from a person's merit or reputation by disclosing another's true faults or sins. This is a sin against the 8th Commandment because each person has a right to his good name.


that which is contrary to truth; the intentional making of untrue statements


attributes qualities that may not exist or which are exaggerated, usually for personal gain or favor


the weight or seriousness of a sin, sometimes influenced by circumstances and intentions


respect or good reputation that is acquired through the practice of virtue or heroic acts. The quality that brings people to be quided by the most elevated moral norms.


the act of giving up one's lige for the Faith

objective truth

reality as it is, even outside a person's intellect and independent of his acknowledgment of its existence

rash judgement

a judgement that questions someone's character or concludes a moral defect without sufficient evidence


the act of "making up for" a sin or injustice to another person or group


the good or bad opinion commonly held about a person


a maliciously flase statement or report in order to defame or injure a person; same as calumny


the philosophical theory that treats all knowledge as merely relative, denying the possibility of objective knowledge


the practice of the virtue of patience with respect to the opinions or practices of others


the correlation between the idea in one's mind and objective reality


truthfulness; the disposition of a person to tell the truth


taking and keeping something that belongs to someone else for no reason


taking the property of someone else by force


to desire wrongfully for something someone else owns


excesively wanting material goods


passionate desire for riches that lesads one to gain and hoard wealth


being unhappy with the fortune or success of someone else, jealousy

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