chapter 14

Explain the status of slavery in future states under the Constitution
* Constitution has right and did abolish slave trade when it had the chance.
* Most people assumed Federal government could not abolish slavery in states where it already existed.
* Future states acceptance on slavery
- Constitution said nothing about slavery in new states.
- Congress has power to admit new states so they assumed they could regulate slavery by saying your constitution must be prohibit or accept slavery.
- Congress could regulate slavery in new territory
Describe the results of the attempt to pass the Wilmot Proviso
* Bill is saying no slavery in new states & no blacks can live their either.
* Fails, gets through house but not senate.
Splits wig and Democrats in North & south boundary. North Whigs & Democratic like, Southern Democratic & Whigs did not like it.
* Launch free soil movement. No slavery in New states territories.
Describe the basic tenets of popular (or squatter) sovereignty
* That territory settlers would determine slavery status in that territory.
* North Democratic - They saw it as the first settler legislation would decide if its slavery or no slavery territory . They thought people would say no slavery.
* Southern Democratic - The constitutional conviction will decide if slavery is allowed or not.
* Slave holders would have got their and could make state slavery state.
Name the major political supporters of popular (or squatter) sovereignty
Name the presidential candidates & winner in the election of 1848
* Whigs : Zachery Taylor - Winner
* Democratic: Lewis Cass
* Free Sailers: Martin Van Buren
Describe the basic parts of the Compromise of 1850
* California is admitted as a free state.
* Popular sovereignty will choose if slavery is allowed or not in the two new territories ( Utah & Mexico territories)
* New fugitive slave law creating a system to help slave holders capture escaped slaves. It was a nasty bill made it a federal crimes to help slaves. Courts would be held in South for slaves released issues.
* Prohibits of slave trade in Washington DC.
Boundary dispute between New Mexico & TX is been resolved.
Name the presidential candidates & winner in the election of 1852
* Whigs : Franklin Pierce - Winner
* Democratic: John Hail
Explain why Stephen A. Douglas introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Bill in 1854
* Strong supporter of expansion.
* He thought the slavery issue would half expansion.
* He wanted to be president and thought this would help him.
* Wanted more railroads.
* Thought popular sovereignty helped expansion.
Explain the results of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill.
* Bill passes
* Fight over bill majorly hurts the connection between North & South.
* Destroyed the 2nd two parties system - Split Whigs right down the middle.
* Coalitions that opposed the acts eventually go into the Republican party.
Explain the origins & beliefs of the Know-Nothing Party
* Massive immigration of Irish & Germans, many of whom were Catholic & this upset yhe Know-Nothing party.
* They thought Catholics would form party and listen to Pope which would destroy the USA
* Opposed the Nebraska act
Explain the origins of the Republican Party
*Northern coalition that were opposed to slavery and popular sovereignty - Consisted of Northern Wighs, free sailers, Liberty party, anti-slavery people, & some people of the Know Nothing party
Describe the origins of Bleeding Kansas
* Fighting in Kansas over whether or not there would be slavery in the territory
* Republican party slogan
* Fighting was very bad, killing in the hundreds
Name the presidential candidates & winner in the election of 1856
* James Buchanon - Democratic, winner
* John Fredmot - Republican
* Miller Tyler - Know nothing party
Discuss the findings of the Dred Scott case.
* Dred Scott is a slave that lives free territory and sues for his freedom.
* Issue in supreme court is should he be free
* Supreme court said that he can't come to court because he is not a citizen
* No African descent can become a citizen . Supreme court also said that congress could not decide if slavery was allowed in a territory
Discuss the intent of the Lecompton Constitution
* A Kansas constitution drafted to make Kansas a state and it said Kansas would be a slave free state.
* Fight in Congress because many people thought the constitution was not the will of the people
* Splits the Democratic
* Popular sovereignty fails
Explain the principles & results of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
* Lincoln - Slavery needs to be opposed as immoral, to keep slavery from being extended to the new territories. As well as abolish it eventually in the South.
* Douglas - Saying slavery is immoral, threatens the Union because it will cause the South to secede
* Results:
- Douglas gets re-elected
- Lincoln win respect with Republicans in the North
- Debates sharpen the ideas of the Republican & made compromise less likely.
Describe the results of John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859
* Raid failed, John Brown was hanged
* Outpour of sympathy in the North
* Sothern's saw this sympathy in the North as the majority opinion in the North & the South saw cession as the only way to protect their interests.
Explain the course & results of the Speaker's race in 1859
* Republicans put up Sherman for speaker of the house ( He endorsed a book where he said non slave holders should oppose slavery in South). Sothern's opposed this & the race was long and nasty, Sherman withdrew his name
* This race convinced Southern that Republican were committed to get non slave owning, Sothern's to vote out slavery in the South
18. Name the presidential candidates & winner in the election of 1860.
Republican -Abraham Lincoln, winner,North
* Northern Democratic - Stephen Douglas
*Southern Democratic- John Brickridge
* Constitutional Union - John Bell
Describe the basic beliefs of the Republican Party in 1860
* Half the expansion of slavery.
* High protective tariff
* Free bond for people in the West
*Federal aid for internal improvement.
Describe the basic beliefs of the Democratic Parties in 1860
* Northern - Popular Sovereignty determines slavery
* Southern - Slavery should be protected by federal government
Describe the basic beliefs of the Constitutional Union Party in 1860
* Wanted compromise & everybody to get along
Explain the results of the presidential election of 1860
* North had more population which gave it more Electoral College votes than the South
Describe how southerners saw the election of 1860
* Party was heavily against the South
* Lost power to influence election
* South saw itself as having a minority status in the government.