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Delay effect sounds like
the sound repeats many times and fades away.
Delay Feedback
Increases or decreases the number of repeats. Sometimes labeled as 'Repeats' or 'Swell'
Delay (or Effect) Level
The volume of the delayed sound compared to the dry signal
Delay Time
Adjusts how quick the repeats are e.g. 50ms is very fast, 500ms is slower, 2000ms is very slow
Tape Delay
Created using a loop of analogue tape
Stereo Delay
2 delays, each set differently and panned L and R to create a wide stereo image
Multi-tap Delay
The delayed signal is delayed again (multiple times) and at a different speed. This creates very interesting results
Ping Pong Delay
A version of stereo delay where the sound moves around between the L and R speakers
Slap Back Delay
A very fast delay time of between 30ms and 100ms. Used in 1950s Rock 'n' Roll guitar and vocal sounds
Dub Reggae
A music style where delay effects play a very important part.
Delay effect is created by
recording/storing the sound and playing it back after a preset time
More than one repeat is created by
feeding the delayed sound back into the input of the delay circuit.
Delay is also sometimes called