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A&P2 Lymphoid Ch.22

Lymphatic vessels are located in almost all portions of the body, except the
Histamine increases blood flow and vascular permeability. This would account for all of the following changes that occur during inflammation, except
chemotaxis of phagocytes.
Which of these is not a property of an IgG heavy chain?
binds antigen at both ends
All of the following are true of the secondary response of humoral immunity, except that it
weakens quickly because memory B cells only survive for a year or two.
________ are clusters of lymphoid nodules deep to the epithelial lining of the small intestine.
Peyer patches
Suppressor T cells act to
inhibit T and B cell activities.
Each IgG has ________ binding sites for attachment to antigenic determinants.
respond to antigens
The following are steps in the cell-mediated immune response.
2, 4, 1, 5, 3, 6.
Inappropriate or excessive immune responses to antigens are
Which of these statements about lymph flow in a node is false?
the afferent lymphatics enters at the hilum
T cells and B cells can be activated only by
exposure to a specific antigen at a specific site in a plasma membrane.
Class II MHC molecules are found only on which of the following?
lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells
T is to ________ as B is to ________.
thymus-dependent; bone marrow-derived
Immunoglobulins, formed of five subunits, that are the first antibodies to be produced in response to infection, are
The lymphoid system does all of the following, except that it
transports gases to and away from lymph nodes.
The term lymphadenopathy refers to
a chronic or excessive enlargement of lymph nodes.
Each of the following is a physical barrier to infection, except
Defense of the body against a particular pathogen is provided by
specific immunity.
The classic pathway of complement activation begins when the protein C1 binds to
an antibody attached to an antigen.
Immunity that is genetically determined and present at birth is called ________ immunity.
Stem cells that will form T cells develop in the
In order for a lymphocyte to respond to an antigen, the antigen must
bind to specific receptors on the lymphocyte surface.
Which of the following statements about MHC proteins is not true?
bind complement
Helper T cells do all of the following, except
provide a rapid response to a future exposure to the antigen.
Inappropriate or excessive immune responses to antigens are