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  1. The term hypercapnia refers to
  2. Large airborne particles are filtered by
  3. Inhaling through the nostrils is preferred over the mouth because
  4. They branch from the trachea at the carina.
  5. The actual sites of gas exchange within the lungs are
  1. a hairs in the nasal vestibule
  2. b it allows better conditioning of the inhaled air.
  3. c elevated PCO2.
  4. d primary bronchi
  5. e alveoli.

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  1. the volume of the thorax increases.
  2. 45 mm Hg
  3. nitrogen
  4. Tidal volume
  5. oropharynx

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  1. The pneumotaxic center of the ponselevated PCO2.


  2. Blockage of pulmonary blood flow by a clot or similar obstruction ispulmonary embolism


  3. The laryngeal cartilage not composed of hyaline cartilage is theepiglottis


  4. Asthma isan acute condition resulting from unusually sensitive, irritated conducting airways


  5. Alveolar ventilation refers to theelevated PCO2.


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