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Chapter 17
Which of the following structures is an essential part of most fungal reproductive systems?
The majority of plant species today are?
The type of life cycle seen in plants is called
alternation of generations
Plants dependent on nocturnal pollinators typically have flowers that are
large, light-colored, and highly scented
Mosses belong to the group of plants known as the
Most familiar types of mushrooms, along with puffballs and shelf fungi
basidiomycetes (club fungi)
The ancestors of land plants were probably _____ that lived in _______.
green algae similar to charophytes....coastal marshes or lake fringes
Which of the following statements regarding ferns is true?
Ferns have well developed vascular tissue, roots, and stems
What kind of entity is a lichen?
An association between a fungus and cyanobacteria or green algae
The _____ is the protective chamber that houses the ovule and later matures to become the fruit.
Which of the following represents the male gametophyte of a conifer?
pollen grain
Corn, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers all contain seeds and are derived from the ovary of a flowering plant. Therefore, in botanical terms, they are ________.
Which of the following organisms has a dominant sporophyte generation and a free-living gametophyte generation?
The main causes for the loss of plant biodiversity include
Clear cutting of forests to create farmland and logging
Heterotrophic eukaryotes that digest their food externally and absorb the small molecules are referred to as