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why did god make us

man is created by god for god. Created out of gods love and to share in his creation



first pope


current pope

pope Benedict 16th

define sacrement

a visual sign or ceremony given by christ to give us grace

define covenant

an agreement then later creates a family bond through swearing a sacred oath

how is covenant connected to sacrament

sacremnet establishes and nourishes covenant relationship with jesus

3 sacremnts of initation


2 sacrements of healing


2 sacraments of vocation/service

holy orders,marraige

confirmation unleashes graces received at.......


5 effects of confirmation

gives deeper connection to christ,increases gifs of the holy spirit, connects you more to the church,gives strength to defend faith, roots more deeply to child of christ

7 deadly sins


difference between gifts and fruits

cause and effects.Get gifts at baptism fruit grow off gifts

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