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the creator god


the preserving god


the destroying god


reincarnations, or decedents of a "god"




"action" refering to the simple principle that one's life is governed by one's own continuing behavior of practice. What one does governs what one will become

After death

there will be rebirth followed by another death ect.

Beginning-less cycle


disciplined meditation

allows one to become engaged in ordinary life but not to be attached to the fruits of one's action

Release from the endless cycle


Bhagavad Gita

Holy book

main characters of Bhagavad Gita

Arjuna, Lord Krishna

Four purposes of "human life"

Dharma (law, duty, custom) Artha (wealth, work, business) Kama (desire, pleasure) Moksha (release, salvation)

Four stages of life

Brahma Carin (student) Grihastha (householder) Vaha Prastha (forest dweller) Sannyasin (abandoning)


comes from Portugeese meaning breed, race, or kind, also social class

Names of Castes

Brahmins (priests) Kshatryas (warriors) Shudra (slaves)

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