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(adj) pleasantly disposed; good-natured; agreeable; cordial; friendly, sociable


(adj) worthy of trust, reliance, or belief; having an undisputed origin; genuine


(n) solid and well-developed muscles; muscular strength and power


(adj) humbled by guilt and repentant for one's sins; penitent


(n) lack of agreement among persons, groups, or things; dissention


(adj) appropriate to the purpose at hand; serving to promote one's interest; politic though perhaps unprincipled
(n) a means to an end; a contrivance adopted to meet an urgent need


(adj) unworthy of serious attention; insignificant; trivial; marked by flippancy; silly


(adj) too many to be counted or numbered; infinite


(adj) habitually guily of neglect; lacking in due care or concern; extremely careless
negligence (n) failure to act with care and concern; any negligent act or failure to act


(n) unresisting acceptance; passive submission


(adj) always the same; unchanging; unvarying; consistent; regular; being the
same as another or others; identical


(adj) having great volume, fullness, size, or number; filling or capable of filling volumes; prolific in speech or writing

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