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illuminated manuscript

detail, signs of zodiac, picture book

nuremburg chronicles

one of the first books ever printed, history of the world

egg tempera

mix egg yolks with pigments and paint.


A pointed tool used for engraving or incising.


A graphic technique in which the design is incised, or scratched, on a metal plate, either manually (engraving, drypoint) or chemically (etching).


figures projecting from a background of which they are part. high, low (bas), or sunken.


The process of incising a design in hard material, often a metal plate (usually copper); also, the print or impression made from such a plate.


The technique of printing with movable type invented in Germany in the 15th century.


three panels which are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open.

book of hours

a christian book of prayers for private devotion, specific prayers to be read at different times of the day

oil paint

revolutionized. brighter colors. only works with linseed oil

claus sluter, well of moses,

Northern Renai. sculpture of moses, horns. no body under drapery

konrad witz, miraculous drought of fish

Northern renaissance- walking on water, water effects. 1st picture with an identifiable location (lake geneva switzerland)

Momento mori

symbol of death


weight shift- makes look more realistic


strict grid plan, regardless of terrain so streets meet at 90* angles

central plan

greek cross - all sides equal (more like a + sign)

logitudinal plan

latin cross. vertical line is longer than the horizontal one

arial(atmospheric) perspective

the perspective is shown by objects getting fuzzier the further away they are, and the colors get more gray and details less defined

international style

Simone Martini. adapted French Gothic manner to Sienese art w/ North. brilliant color, lavish costume, intricate ornament, and themes involving splendid processions of knights and ladies

linear perspective

A method of presenting an illusion of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface. all lines converge on vanishing points

Horizon line

eye level in a painting


family of wealthy art patrons who commissioned a lot of art. owned a bank in 15th century


A pupil of Michelangelo, wrote first art history

vanishing point

the point on which all lines converge to in perspective pieces.

Donatello, Saint mark

Italian renaissance. 1st to show form under drapes, contraposto

donatello, david

italian. 1st freestanding

antonio pollaiuolo, hercules and antaecus

italian renai. action, figure in motion,

donatello, gattamelata

italian renai. equestrian statue, cannon ball,

adrea del verrocchio, bartolommeo colleoni

italian.equestrian, FREESTANDING LEG

lorenzo ghiberti, gates of paradise

italian, gothic quatrafoil frames,(doors)
first to embrace a unified system for representing space

fra angelico, annunciation

italian. old fashioned halo's, accurate perspective, sortof show figure under robes

Andrea castgno, last supper

italian, emotion, judas no halo, halo's have perspective tilt

fra filippo lippi, madonna and child

italian, thin halo, just gold band, more 'worldly' and beautiful

domenico ghirlandaio, birth of a virgin

italian. classical, one point perspective, contemporary dress

paulo uccello, battle of san romano

italian, perspective (not great artist, but loved perspective)

sandro botticelli, birth of venus,

italian. 1st female nude that is not christian/religious

perugino, christ delivering keys to st peter

italian. 1st perspective, arc de triumph, florence cathedral, 3 stories (ready to stone christ, giving keys, etc)

luca signorelli, damned cast into hell,

italian. colorful, human anatomy, PSYCHIC IMPACT

leon battista alberti, saint andrea

italian. 3 arch, barrel vault, based off triumph arch, latin cross, back to roman architecture

andrea mantegna, camera de sposi of the first illusionistic works of the renaissance. while room painted in 3d illusionary

andrea mantegna, dead christ

italian. foreshortening done backwards. (head too large, feet too small

robert campin, merode altarpiece

northern. everyday objects with representational significance

jan van eyck, ghent altarpeice

northern. painted donors in. decorated both exteriors and interiors of these folding altar pieces

jan van eyck, giovanni arnolfini and his bride

northern. highly symbolic wedding picture

rogier van der weyden, deposition

northern. emotional impact. resembles relief carving- 3d people on flat 'stage' background

dirk bouts, last supper of earliest n. renai. paintings to employ single vanishing point perspective. 4 Flemish ppl- prolly the patrons

hugo van der goes, portinari altarpeice

N.rare instance of awarding a Flemish painter a major commission (from florence) admire the realism and character.

limbourg brothers, october, book of hours

N.detail, realistic architecture and shadows. beginning of perspective. Peasantry

martin schonguar, saint anthony tormented by demons

N.skilled at metal engraving. got very nice range of values and textures

gentile da fabriano, adoration of the magi

italian. international style. successfully blended naturalistic details with Gothic splendor, color costume, framing

masaccio, tribute money

italian. psychological and physical credibility. light coming from source outside picture

masaccio, holy trinity

italian. application of math to new science of perspective. illusion

filippo bruneleschi, dome Florence cathedral

italian. double shell, 463 steps, way to build dome without scaffolding or dirt in walls. invented meals on wheels. invented gear- shift- so can turn fwd and then backward.

filippo brunelleschi, santo spirito

italian. classically inspired- everything mathematical and exact,

piero della francesca, flagellation of christ

italian. enigmatic. bearded man intense for time, particularly admired for the realistic rendering of the hall

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